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"I think I know what's going on, you bought Anti-Bubble Wand, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Anti-Bubble Wand (AKA: Evil Bubble Wand or Gray Bubble Wand)
Anti-Bubble Wand Pose Kek




Bubble Wand


Monsanto Logo's Alliance members, Evil Leafy, Red Bubble Wand (one-sided)


Everyone, except friends



Anti-Bubble Wand (AKA: Evil Bubble Wand or Gray Bubble Wand) is a female OC made by BrownFamily1108, She is the evil version of Bubble Wand. Unlike Bubble Wand, who is nice, smart and a hater of Objects at War, Anti-Bubble Wand is mean, dumb and a fan of Objects at War. Anti-Bubble Wand is now killed off as she's no longer used by her creator and now is confirmed dead.


  • There is also another one but they don't look the same.
  • Anti-Bubble Wand is the first Bubble Wand clone to be made.
  • Anti-Bubble Wand is one of the 5 OCs made by BrownFamily1108 that is no longer used by the creator and is officially confirmed dead.
  • Anti-Bubble Wand might of been replaced with either Dark Bubble Wand or Black Bubble Wand (both made by the same person).


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