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Another Object Show [AOS] is a non animated show [it is more of a script than an animation ] where 11 contestants

do challenges. Currently, there are 6 episodes the newest episode is Episode 5b [the battle of the supermarket[BOTS]] The creator is Suntin


Stick [SI] Chill

Heart [HE] Excitable

Box [BO] Shy

Bowl [BW] Life saver

Clock [CL] Scared easily

TV [TV] Rich

Paper [PA] Nice

Pen[PE] Arrogant

Carrot[CA] Evil

Cup[CP] Chill

Ball[BL] Lazy

The host is Bic [BIC] Godly

The link for the show is


  1. AOS Season 1 Episode 1 [Swim in] March 9 2020
  2. AOS Season 1 Episode 2 [Press the pie] March 10 2020
  3. AOS Season 1 Episode 3 [You cant fly] March 13 2020
  4. AOS Season 1 Episode 4 [The sun is cut] March 20 2020
  5. AOS Season 1 Episode 5a [Revenge] March 26 2020
  6. AOS season 1 Episode 5b [The battle of the supermarket[BOTS]] March 28 2020
  7. AOS Season 1 Episode 6 [The sun is in 1] Coming soon
  8. Coming soon
  9. Coming soon
  10. Coming soon
  11. Coming soon [finale probably]

Episode 1 [Swim in ]


Swim in a tank and get to the top , the one with the slowest time gets eliminated.

People eliminated: 

Clock who was seen cheating accidentally, because Carrot gave him a waterproof jacket.

Bowl, having the slowest time.

Episode 2 [Press the pie]


Answer 5 questions the one with least correct gets eliminated.

People eliminated:

Ball, who answered 0 of 5 correct.

Episode 3 [You cant fly]


To do a parkour course the one with most falls gets eliminated.

People eliminated:

Pen, for falling around 50 to 60 times.

Episode 4 [The sun is cut]


To bake a cake the one with the least amount of points is eliminated.

People eliminated:

Heart, who baked a cake out of cardboard.

Episode 5a[Revenge]


To put out some fires and save people the one with least saved gets eliminated.

People eliminated:

TV, because he could not hold a hose.

Episode 5b [Battle of the supermarket[BOTS]]

This episode is different because nobody was eliminated instead Bowl joined

Challenge Get all the items from the shopping list

Eliminated None

Joined Bowl

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