Hi all! It is me, LeeviTheAnimator2! I am making A Hurt And Heal. So, if you don't know how a Hurt And Heal Works, let me explain.

So every 2 hours you can hurt and heal the objects you want to hurt and heal. Example: Hurt Balloon, Heal Gameboy.

And that's it, that's how you play hurt and heal! Here are the contestants you can hurt and heal!

(look the video...)
Another Hurt And Heal Intro Thing

Another Hurt And Heal Intro Thing.

Or just look from here!

  • Clover: 20hp
  • Shard: 20hp
  • Carrot: 20hp
  • Cubey: 20hp
  • Button: 20hp
  • Pen: 20hp
  • Toast: 20hp
  • Rubix Cube: 20hp
  • Suitcase: 20hp
  • 3DS: 20hp
  • Shelly: 20hp
  • Umbrella: 20hp
  • Hearty: 20hp
  • Picture: 20hp
  • Bacon: 20hp
  • Cornwallthegray: 20hp

Now, normal heal is 2+ hp and normal hurt is 2- hp

Super Heal is +5 hp and super hurt is -5 hp.

  • Quick announcement here. you can use super hurts and heals every 5 hours...

And this hurt and heal is open and not cancelled YET.

  • And of course! More will come after these are done! (or cancelled.)
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