Episode 1 "Running for Flags!"

  • Scene with Cyanide Jar and Jar

Cyanide Jar: So.. When You Started "Hating Asteroid" Group?

'Jar:' A Year Ago.

Cyanide Jar: Oh Really?

Jar: Yes! He's so mean to me!

  • Asteroid walks in

Asteroid: Yes I'am! because You're Soo Dumb!

Cyanide Jar: What?

Jar: You're So dumb! go get Brain!

Asteroid: Grr! *Starts Kicking Jar*

Jar: Ow! Go away! Ahh! *Shatters*

Cyanide Jar: Hey!

  • Camera goes to TV and Bucket

TV: Try to talk!

Bucket: .....?

Flour Bag: Hey! What's going on?

TV: Hi Baggy! I'm Trying to teach bucket Talk!

Flour Bag: Oh Grea- *Slaps TV* Don't call me Baggy!

  • TV Throws Bucket at Flour Bag

Flour Bag: Hey! Grr!

  • Bucket Lands Behind the Tongue and Yellow Ball

Tongue: What Was that Thing?

Yellow Ball: I think That was Bucket!

  • Camera Goes to Green Ball and Grey ball

Green Ball: I think you're Dumber than Me?

Grey Ball: O Rly?

Green Ball: Yes!!

Grey Ball: Look! it's Cloud! What Happened?

Cloud: Nothing,Nothing Important

  • Camera Goes to Candy Bar and Dirty

Candy Bar: How i can get rid of you?

Dirty: SHUSH! You're Tall like Godzilla!

  • Cyanide Jar Recovers Jar From Life Creator 1.1

To be added. I'm to Busy and lazy to add more. I will add more Later... Because i'm writing this from Notebook in Real life. :)

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