AnimatedGalaxy (also referred to as Michael, FlipnoteStudio19, mmdexter1, and Ricochet Productions) is a 14 year old Caucasian animator. He is the creator of Incredible Items and Stickman Adventures. When working for other shows, he is mostly a voice actor, but writes for a few shows. He does not usually animate for other shows due to wanting to improve more before asking.

Shows He Works For

- Object Invasion (Voice Actor)

- Object Challengers (Voice Actor, Writer, and Animator)

- Earth to Objects (Voice Actor and Writer)

- Token Wars (Voice Actor)

- Battle For Texas (Voice Actor, Writer, and Animator)

- Nonexistent Living (Voice Actor)

- Battle to Rule Mars (Voice Actor)

- Cash Attack (Voice Actor and Writer)

- Nocturnal Nonsense (Voice Actor)

- Object Redemption (Voice Actor)

- The Land of Brimton (Voice Actor and Animator)


  • His favorite food is a chili dog.
  • He mostly makes intros for other shows that his friends work on.
  • His favorite BFB character is Foldy.
  • He has rewritten his object show 3 times.
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