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Anchor is a male contestant in BFTPITS. He was originally taken by BrownFamily1108 but he is now taken by Gustavo201209.


Anchor is super chill and is somewhat popular and well liked by the other contestants. He is super strong and never says no if someone needs help from him. Despite his popularity, some people are scared of him because of his appearance but he is a nice guy and doesn't want to hurt anybody. He is also clumsy since he is so heavy that sometimes if he just trips, he will break and fall into the ground. Some people bullies him for that reason which he hates but still prefers to tell other people to stop instead of beating them up. But he sometimes think that beating other people is the better choice but he is still capable of keeping his cool unless the bullying goes to far. Anchor loves to train his muscles and also likes it when other people trains their muscles too. Anchor will never let his team down no matter what. He feels bad when he sees other people in pain and wants to help them.