This is an object show where the contestants are the main hosts of the other object shows, and the host is a huge television.

Featuring the following contestants (formerly hosts):

Announcer (or Speaker Box) from Battle for Dream Island

Blue Planet from Challenge to Win

Calculator from Object Mayhem

Camera from Object Galaxy

Chocolate Bar from Excellent Entities

Compass from Sensation of the City

Controlly from Brawl of the Objects

Emerald from Object Land

Four from Battle for BFDI

Gamey from Object Overload

Gear Wheel from Battle For Trillion Dollars

Gold Token from Battle for Cake Kingdom

Highlighter from Object Insanity

Ketchup from Through the Woods

Kobe from Battle of Paper Objects

MePhone4 from Inanimate Insanity

Mic from Mystique Island

Mike from The Strive for The Million

Remote from Object Havoc

Scroll from World Wonders

Window from Object Twoniverse

Win Token from Battle of Objects

X from Battle for BFDI

and GRAND HOST as the host (unidentified)

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