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The color refences are Crayola and the Wikipedia's list of Crayola Crayons.


  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow
  7. White
  8. Black
  9. Purple
  10. Brown
  11. Cyan
  12. Lime


  1. Turquoise
  2. Gray
  3. Peach
  4. Violet
  5. Light Brown (Also Known As Wood Brown)
  6. Sunlight Yellow
  7. Marine Blue
  8. Wooden Chestnut
  9. Metal Gray
  10. Jelly Green
  11. Maroon
  12. Puerto Rico
  13. Slaughter Purple (Secret, Can Only Be Used On Gelatin, Free On April Fools)
  14. Fortegreen (Unlockable by Surviving as an Impostor 10 Times)

Crayola Based

  1. Light Red
  2. Salmon
  3. Brick Red
  4. English Vermilion
  5. Madder Lake
  6. Permanent Geranium Lake
  7. Maximum Red
  8. Bittersweet
  9. Venetian Red
  10. Middle Yellow Red
  11. Maize
  12. Medium Chrome Green
  13. Mountain Meadow
  14. Turquoise Blue
  15. Celestial Blue
  16. Prussian Blue
  17. Medium Blue
  18. Antique Brass
  19. Magic Mint
  20. Burnished Brown
  21. Glossy Grape
  22. Sugar Plum
  23. Wintergreen Dream
  24. Burnt Sienna
  25. Citrine
  26. Smokey Topaz
  27. Tiger's Eye
  28. Aqua Pearl
  29. Rose Pearl
  30. Bittersweet Shimmer
  31. Rose Gold
  32. Red Salsa
  33. Eerie Black
  34. Black Shadows
  35. Sizzling Sunset
  36. Frostbite
  37. Black Stars
  38. Blast off Bronze
  39. Neon Carrot
  40. Riptide
  41. Sand Beige
  42. Pond Blue
  43. Milk Chocolate
  44. Grass Green

Special (Costumisable)

  1. Bicolor Split (Unlockable by Surviving As an Crewmate 10 Times)
  2. Pattern (Unlockable by Surviving as an Crewmate 30 Times)
  3. Color Picker (Free)


  1. Cyan-Purple Split (Only Used By Ben The Mage and Cybernetic Pen, Bait Color)
  2. Red-Green-Yellow-Turquoise Split (Color On The Icon For Kite And Can Be Accessible By Hacking The Game or with Kite, Bait Color)
  3. Glitchy (Only Used By Pgbtbtdlfsjshjxuxhdjjdh)
  4. Green-Brown Split (Only accessible with Guava or hacking the game)
  5. Pattern X (Only Accessible By Hacking The Game, Also A Powerup for Imposters)

OC Pass

  1. Gold
  2. Solitude
  3. Silver Spray Dust
  4. Silver
  5. Pandora Purple
  6. Golden Carrot
  7. Pink Bucket
  8. Self Luminous Green
  9. Dortida Purple

Object Bases

BFDI Mini Pack

OC Base Pass 1

OC Base Pass 2

Restricted Bases (Only Used By The Game Creators)

Proposed Object Base


Task Map(s) Type Steps
Introduced In The Syuniashio
Align Engine Output The Syuniashio Short Completed in any order:
  • Upper Engine
  • Lower Engine
Calibrate Distributor
  • The Syuniashio
  • The Skyship
  • Go To Electrical (Both Maps)
Chart Course
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
Short Go To:
  • Navigation (The Syuniashio)
  • Admin (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Dropship (Stroolia)
Clean O2 Filter
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
Short Go To:
  • O2 (The Syuniashio)
  • Greenhouse (Liberty Headquarters)
Clear Asteroids
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
  • Visual, Long (The Syuniashio)
  • Long (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Visual, Short (Stroolia)
Go To:
  • Weapons (The Syuniashio, And Stroolia)
  • Balcony (Liberty Headquarters)
Divert Power
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • The Skyship
  • Go To Electrical, Then Go To Communications, Lower Engine, Navigation, O2, Reactor, Security, Shields, Or Upper Engine (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Reactor, Then Go To Admin, Cafeteria, Communications, Greenhouse, Laboratory, Launchpad, MedBay, Or Office (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Electrical, Then To Showers or Gap Room, additional locations TBA (The Skyship)
Empty Chute The Syuniashio Visual, Long
  • Go To O2,
  • When Empty Go To Storage
Empty Garbage
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
  • Wanderlust
  • Visual, Long (The Syuniashio)
  • Short (Liberty Headquarters And Stroolia)
  • Long (Wanderlust)
  • Go To Cafeteria, When Empty Go To Storage (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Cafeteria (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To O2 (Stroolia)
  • Go To Medical, Then To Meeting Room (Wanderlust)
Fix Wiring
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
  • The Skyship
Common Complete In 3 Of The Following Rooms:
  • Admin, Cafeteria, Electrical, Navigation, Security, Or Storage (The Syuniashio)
  • Greenhouse, Hallway, Laboratory, Locker Room, Or Storage (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Decontamination, Electrical, Laboratory (one of two locations), O2, Or Office (Stroolia)
  • Viewing Deck (The Skyship)

Fuel Engines
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
  • Long (The Syuniashio And Stroolia)
  • Short (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Storage Then To Lower Engine Then Back To Storage Then To Upper Engine (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Launchpad (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Storage Then To Outside (Stroolia)

Inspect Sample
  • The Syuniashio
  • Stroolia
  • Go To MedBay Then Wait 1 Minute (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Laboratory Then Wait 1 Minute (Stroolia)
Prime Shields
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Visual, Short (The Syuniashio)
  • Short (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Shields (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Admin (Liberty Headquarters)
Stabilize Steering
  • The Syuniashio
  • The Skyship
  • Go To Navigation (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Cockpit (The Skyship)
Start Reactor
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
  • Go To Reactor (The Syuniashio And Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Specimen Room (Stroolia)
Submit Scan
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
  • Visual, Long (The Syuniashio And Liberty Headquarters)
  • Visual, Short (Stroolia)
  • Go To MedBay (The Syuniashio And Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Laboratory (Stroolia)
Swipe Card
  • The Syuniashio
  • Stroolia
  • Go To Admin (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Office (Stroolia)
Unlock Manifolds
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
  • Go To Reactor (The Syuniashio And Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Specimen Room (Stroolia)
Upload Data
  • The Syuniashio
  • Stroolia
  • The Skyship
  • Short (The Syuniashio)
  • Long (Stroolia And The Skyship)
  • Go To Cafeteria, Communications, Electrical, Navigation, Or Weapons Then To Admin (The Syuniashio)
  • Go To Electrical, O2, Office, Specimen Room, Or Weapons Then To Communications (Stroolia)
  • Go To Gap Room Or Records, additional locations TBA Then To Unknown location (The Skyship)
Introduced In Liberty Headquarters
Assemble Artifact Liberty Headquarters Short
  • Go To Laboratory
Buy Beverage Liberty Headquarters Short
  • Go To Cafeteria
Enter Id Code
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • The Skyship
  • Go To Admin (Liberty Headquarters)
  • Go To Cockpit or Meeting Room (The Skyship )
Measure Weather Liberty Headquarters Short
  • Go To Balcony
Process Data Liberty Headquarters Short
  • Go To Office
Run Diagnostics Liberty Headquarters Long
  • Go To Launchpad
Sort Samples Liberty Headquarters Short
  • Go To Laboratory
Introduced In Stroolia
Align Telescope Stroolia Short
  • Go To Laboratory
Fill Canisters Stroolia Short
  • Go To O2
Fix Weather Node Stroolia Long
  • Go Outside (One Of Six Locations)
  • Go To Laboratory
Insert Keys Stroolia Common
  • Go To Dropship
Monitor Tree Stroolia Short
  • Go To O2
Open Waterways Stroolia Long Completed In Any Order:
  • Boiler Room
  • Boiler Room
  • Outside (Below Office)
Reboot Wifi Stroolia Long
  • Go To Communications
Record Temperature Stroolia Short
  • Go To Laboratory Or Outside
Repair Drill Stroolia Short
  • Go To Laboratory
Replace Water Jug Stroolia Long
  • Go To Either Boiler Room Or Office
Scan Boarding Pass Stroolia Common
  • Go To Office
Store Artifacts Stroolia Short
  • Go To Specimen Room
Introduced In The Skyship
Clean Toilet The Skyship Short
  • Go To Lounge
Polish Ruby The Skyship Short
  • Go To Vault
Put Away Rifles The Skyship Short
  • Go To Armory
Reset Breakers The Skyship Long
  • Go To Electrical


Icon Name Room Target Maps What It Does How To Stop It
Door Sabotage.png
Close Doors Every Door All Maps Traps Crewmates To Make Kills Easier
  • Wait (All Maps)
  • Flick Switches (Stroolia)
Reactor Sabotage.png
Reactor Meltdown Reactor
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
Meltdowns The Reactor Go Into Reactor With 1 More Player
Reactor Sabotage.png
Reset Seismic Stabilizers Seismic Stabilizers Stroolia Meltdowns Both Of The Seismic Stabilizers Go To One Of The Seismic Stabilizers With Another Player On The Other One
Comms Sabotage.png
Comms Sabotage Communications
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
Makes Crewmate Confused Go Into Communications And Turn The Dial Until The Comms Are Fixed
Lights Sabotage.png
Fix Lights Electrical
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
  • Stroolia
Makes The Map Dark Go Into Electrical And Flick The Turned Off Switches

(And Do Not Get Killed!)

O2 Sabotage.png
Oxygen Depletion
  • O2 (TS)
  • Greenhouse (LHQ)
  • The Syuniashio
  • Liberty Headquarters
Makes The Map Lose Oxygen Enter Both ID Codes In Admin And O2 Or Report A Dead Body
Thanos Sabotage.png
Thanos Sabotage


In All Rooms During A Round All Maps

(Can Only Used By Ben)

Wipes Out Half Of Life Of A Round Nothing, Once Its Activated It Leads Into A Instant-Disconnection


  1. The Syuniashio (Based Of The Skeld)
  2. Liberty Headquarters (Based Of Mira HQ)
  3. Stroolia (Based Of Polus)
  4. The Skyship (Based Of The Airship)
  5. Chinatown (Unofficial to Among Us)
  6. Mars (Unofficial to Among Us)
  7. Flamis (Unofficial to Among Us)


If you make these, make up funny or smart player names.



Returning Pets

New Pets

Gallery Of Colours


  • This Game Is Based Of Among Us
  • The Game's Name Origins Is "Among Us" And "Objects" Combined
  • Officer Line's Image Used Is A Edited Version Of The Upcoming Show" Officer Line (Ft: BFODR Offical)
  • Ben Made This Game After It Inspired Him By The Among Us BFDI Video
  • This game is part of the Fight of Flipa Gladiators series
  • The Thanos Sabotage Is The Only Restricted Sabotage In Amongjects At The Moment