i have terrible ocs i guess -------> all of minh's ocs 2 better ocs


Current number count: 153

  1. Cyan Ball
  2. Gramophone
  3. Crystal
  4. Gold Bar
  5. Minh's Book
  6. B
  7. Fone
  8. Oshawott
  9. Frame
  10. Saxofone
  11. Fidget Spinner
  12. Head Band
  13. Newspaper
  14. Everyone Ping
  15. Name Tag
  16. Emerald Play Button
  17. Sapphire Play Button
  18. Vo Anh Minh
  19. Hourglass
  20. Stink Bomb
  21. GoAnimate Book
  22. Flowah
  23. Ticket
  24. YouTube Play Button
  25. Yoyle Fries
  26. Gumball
  27. Yellow Fanny
  28. Goggles
  29. Firework
  30. 30th OC
  31. Simplistic Coiny
  32. Package
  33. Novel Book
  34. Abstract Art
  35. Cyan Coiny
  36. Guillotine
  37. Key
  38. Very Long Green Stick
  39. Monitor
  40. Family Reunion Picture
  41. Red Marker
  42. Cement Juice
  43. Orangey Bracelety
  44. Drumstick
  45. 5 Gum
  46. Í͏̶n̸̷͘a͡n̡͢͝i͘͠m̢͞a͝te ̸̕͘I̷͢n̨̛s҉̨a̢n̕͡it̷y͝ ̸́H̨a̴̧ţ͘͜e͠r̀ S҉i͜g̀ǹ͢͞
  47. Bacon
  48. iPoke
  49. Tombstone
  50. UOYJGB Card
  51. Tongue
  52. Mansion
  53. Calculator
  54. Red Glass Pane
  55. Blue Glass Pane
  56. Terrible Oshawott Meme
  57. Time Bomb
  58. Dynamite
  59. Mintendo DS
  60. Minty Bubble
  61. Voting Button
  62. Oct
  63. Pent
  64. Rect
  65. Tri
  66. Scepter
  67. O̷b̨̡͘j̴e̵͏ct͟ ̀Wą̵l̛͢͝k͏͏ ̡I̷n̡ ́T̴ḩ́́ę̀ ͝҉P̕ar̡k͏̧ ̷͝H͘a͢t͞e̴r͏͏͢ ̧҉S̴͡i̶͟gņ͡
  68. Bubble Wand
  69. Aquamarine
  70. Swear Jar
  71. Pile of Coin
  72. How to meme the correct way Book
  73. Fish Food™
  74. Robbie Rotten Head
  75. Spiral
  76. Wandy
  77. Magic Top Hat
  78. Black Pencil
  79. Oak
  80. Birch
  81. Acacia
  82. Smaragdine-colored Parallelogram That's Leaned Towards The Right
  83. Well, to be honest I don't really know how long can OC names be. Maybe they can be as long as they can be? Not sure... so uh... have a ball, I guess?
  84. Periwinkle Lollipop
  85. Battleaxe
  86. Barber's Pole
  87. Pole
  88. Xylofone
  89. Xylofone Mallet
  90. Painting
  91. Soap Bar
  92. Pocket Knife
  93. Cleaver
  94. Butter Knife
  95. Tube Mod
  96. Water Spray
  97. Charger
  98. Oshawott Token
  99. Donation Box
  100. MLG Oshawott
  101. Libra
  102. Laser Pointer
  103. Kaleidoscope
  104. Quasihemidemisemiquaver
  105. Yoyo
  106. Paint
  107. Cyan Dollar Bill
  108. Sockpuppet
  109. Clipboard
  110. Best of Oshawott jokes Book
  111. Stop Using This Mouth
  112. Compassy
  113. Abacus
  114. Ship In A Bottle
  115. Bottle In A Ship
  116. Liquid Hourglassy
  117. Oshawott Body Pillow
  118. Scalchop
  119. Broken Shard
  120. Negative
  121. Oreo
  122. Herobriney
  123. Oscilloscope
  124. Redstone
  125. Communism
  126. Mine
  127. Vintage Camery
  128. Oshawott Head
  129. Necronomicon
  130. Medal
  131. Syringe
  132. Golden Bin
  133. Blood
  134. Ruly
  135. Chrysoprase
  136. Selfy
  137. Crystal Bally
  138. Butty
  139. Tourmaline
  140. Sloty
  141. Noodly
  142. Graphy
  143. Joysticky
  144. Drilly
  145. Prismy
  146. Televisy
  147. Typewrity
  148. Wasaby
  149. Cutlassy
  150. Jengy
  151. Matcha
  152. Booty
  153. Drawy


Facts about these OCs.

  • Cyan Ball used to be limbless, but was changed.
  • Gramophone's body is recreated by Tophatperson in HTC.
  • Crystal has her own object show, Crystal News.
  • The last OC that Minh drew in MS Paint before moving to Powerpoint is Gold Bar.
  • There are 7 different versions of Minh's Book.
  • B is the first OC Minh made in a long time after making Minh's Book.
  • Fone is a parody of MePhone 4.
  • The best joke OC Minh created is Oshawott.
  • Frame's body is made using the "Wire Frame" 3D option in Powerpoint.
  • Saxofone is misspelled as Saxophone by many people. The reason Minh named him Saxofone is because he wants his characters to be unique.
  • Minh's most viewed OC page is Fidget Spinner.
  • Head Band's body is created by HoodieJoe.
  • It took Minh 20 minutes to write the whole article in Newspaper's body, the bottom half of the page is filled with "Minh is an Oshawott".
  • Everyone Ping is inspired by idiots on Discord everyone-pinging people for no reasons.
  • Name Tag's body is created by TennisBallFan.
  • Emerald Play Button and Sapphire Play Button are twins.
  • Sapphire Play Button and Emerald Play Button are twins.
  • Vo Anh Minh is inspired by people on this wikia creating pages about themselves with their face included.
  • Hourglass is co-host in Object Power.
  • Stink Bomb's body is made when someone on Discord asked Minh to make a random stink bomb.
  • To express Minh's hatred on GoAnimate, he created GoAnimate Book as an insult to it.
  • Flowah is a recreate of Flower with a green stem.
  • The most simple OC Minh created with Powerpoint is Ticket, with only 2 autoshapes, a plague and a rectangle.
  • YouTube Play Button is used as a fusion to create Emerald Play Button and Sapphire Play Button.
  • Yoyle Fries, claimed by Minh, is made from Grotatoes with Yoyle soil.
  • Gumball is sadistic due to Minh feeling nostalgic at that time.
  • Yellow Fanny's body is stolen because Minh can't do recolor.
  • The OC that took Minh the most time to make is Goggles.
  • Firework is Minh's first legless character.
  • 30th OC is Minh's first unknown gender OC.
  • The 2nd BFDI character recreated by Minh is Coiny, which is recreated into Simplistic Coiny.
  • Minh's first clumsy OC is Package.
  • Novel Book is based of Minh's favorite novel, Sans Famille.
  • The only OC made in MS Paint that Minh used is Abstract Art.
  • Cyan Coiny is Minh's 7th OC ever.
  • Guillotine is Minh's first killer OC.
  • Key's personality used to be an explosive guy, but was changed.
  • Very Long Green Stick is the longest character ever.
  • Monitor is made with a Powerpoint Clipart.
  • The biggest project Minh had done is creating the body for Family Reunion Picture.
  • Red Marker is the 1st member and the leader of The Recolor Trio.
  • Cement Juice is the 2nd member and the brain of The Recolor Trio.
  • Orangey Bracelety is the 3rd member and the brawn of The Recolor Trio.
  • Drumstick used to be female, but this is now changed.
  • 5 Gum is a chef.
  • Í͏̶n̸̷͘a͡n̡͢͝i͘͠m̢͞a͝te ̸̕͘I̷͢n̨̛s҉̨a̢n̕͡it̷y͝ ̸́H̨a̴̧ţ͘͜e͠r̀ S҉i͜g̀ǹ͢͞ is inspired by Undhee/U4Again.
  • Bacon's body is created by TennisBallFan.
  • iPoke is Minh's most annoying OC.
  • Tombstone is actually made a long time ago, Minh just feels lazy to make his pose.
  • UOYJGB Sign is a comedian.
  • Minh's most gross OC is Tongue.
  • If Oshawott doesn't count, then Mansion is Minh's largest OC.
  • Calculator is the smartest OC by Minh.
  • Red Glass Pane is Blue Glass Pane's elder brother.
  • Blue Glass Pane is Red Glass Pane's younger brother.
  • Terrible Oshawott Meme is hated by everyone because of how stupid she is.
  • Time Bomb is co-owned by AllMightyAmmolite.
  • Dynamite is an arsonist and a bomber.
  • There's an easter egg on Mintendo DS' body. If you look closely, you can see that the Δ button is replaced with the Illuminati.
  • Minty Bubble's personaility is based from Marshmallow.
  • Voting Button's antenna can caught fire easily.
  • Oct is in The Shape Squad.
  • Pent is in The Shape Squad.
  • Rect is in The Shape Squad.
  • Tri is in The Shape Squad.
  • Scepter is Minh's first OC to be seen wearing something in their pose.
  • O̷b̨̡͘j̴e̵͏ct͟ ̀Wą̵l̛͢͝k͏͏ ̡I̷n̡ ́T̴ḩ́́ę̀ ͝҉P̕ar̡k͏̧ ̷͝H͘a͢t͞e̴r͏͏͢ ̧҉S̴͡i̶͟gņ͡ is made with hate and vengeful.
  • Bubble Wand totally isn't a copy of any other OC.
  • Aquamarine has a burning hatred of jars.

I'm not doing these for all my OCs anymore, just for one's with interesting facts.

  • Spiral is Minh's first OC made in Inkscape.
  • Wandy is Minh's first OC whose name ends with a "y".
  • Necronomicon, Medal and Syringe are inspired from Town of Salem.

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