Alieny is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Alieny’s body is a small green ball with two antennas above his forehead. He has the eyes that aliens have been depicted to have. He has very sharp teeth, and arms and legs.


Alieny is so powerful that he can be on Unknowny’s side. However, he chooses not to be, since he doesn’t have any sense of happiness. The only feelings in his brain are anger. However, Christmas Bauble is planning to work on his brain by putting Alieny in a coma.


  • He can change his body to different shapes.
  • He has sharp claws that he can attack with.
  • He can fly in his UFO while dropping bombs from it.


  • This OC was made to celebrate the Area 51 Raid in September 2019.
  • He as no gender but uses male pronouns like Sprinkle.
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