Algebra Book Personality

She is nice, She sometimes get mocked for being a nerd she is nice to people, but mostly to her Owner, CDG (CRAZYDUDE GUY) Her best friend , Crystal who CDG Hates the most and her relatives and Safe her best friend



CDG was her only friend until they went to Object School

CDG would ALWAYS use her to practice his Mathematics

Status : BFFs


They were best friends since childhood, when AB was broke Safe would give money to her

Status : BFFs


CDG hates her due to Crystal stealing her from him

Crystal would steal AB from CDG every recess making them want to hurt each other

Status : Neutral

Book and her relatives-

They are just close cousins

Status : Always Family


Not much since object school 3 but after the crying of Dress they became friends

Status : Friends


Algebra Book's Body


Algebra Book Opened

When Opened

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