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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Album Wars, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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This tale has been told! It's done!

Album Wars is a camp hosted by IAmWolfNinja, it was cancelled before WheeliumThe2nd revived it and now it's in motion.


  • "Evolve" by Imagine Dragons - FDBackup (ELIMINATED - 11th)
  • "Attitude City" by Ninja Sex Party - WheeliumThe2nd (ELIMINATED - 5th)
  • "1989" by Taylor Swift - Kirbyismain (ELIMINATED - 8th)
  • "Thriller" by Michael Jackson - ReddyHakky1998 (ELIMINATED - 13th)
  • "Death of a Bachelor" by Panic! At the Disco - Nemolee.exe (ELIMINATED - 3rd)
  • "?" by XXXTENTACION - PlaneCal (ELIMINATED - 10th)
  • "American Idiot" by Green Day - WarpZone64 (ELIMINATED - 9th)
  • "Joanne" by Lady Gaga - Ruth10 (ELIMINATED - 7th)
  • "Cinematics" by Set It Off - Sasasoos (WINNER)
  • "Clockwork Angels" by Rush - Itsmedaboi (ELIMINATED - 6th)
  • "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd - Just a tester (ELIMINATED - 12th)
  • "Communion" by Years and Years - IndigoOctoling (RUNNER-UP)
  • "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield - MrYokaiAndWatch902 (ELIMINATED - 4th)

Character Poses


  • If you get eliminated, there will be chances to re-enter the game. So stay tuned!
  • This page will announce the challenges and I'll leave links to blogs where the challenges will take place.
  • Confessionals can be sent between results and eliminations.
  • The camp will be contestant vote, though there will be a couple viewer votes.
  • There will be 2 types of tokens. Win Tokens and Immunity Tokens.
  • If you don't do a challenge, you will get a strike against you. If you get 3 strikes, your album will be put up for re-sign ups.
  • No cheating will be tolerated.

Challenge 1

Welcome to Album Wars! Now that you guys know the rules, we can get into the first challenge! This challenge will be to pick a team name. The top 2 names will become team captains, and will receive both a Win and Immunity Token. Challenge ends on Saturday, December 22nd. Good Luck!


Results 1

Alright! Let's see how everyone did!

  • Evolve - The Believers (6/10)
  • Attitude City - Acid Storms (8/10)
  • 1989 - Rapped Guilt (7/10)
  • Thriller - DNP
  • Death of a Bachelor - DNP
  • ? - RapDead Singers (5/10)
  • American Idiot - Sub-Zero Heroes (8/10)
  • Joanne - Team Music (4/10)
  • Clockwork Angels - Cobalt Lights (6/10)
  • Cinematics - Impossible Delta (8/10)
  • The Dark Side of the Moon - The Illuminazis (6/10)
  • Communion - Kingly Klaviers (9/10)
  • Unwritten - Blam-Aimed Nunchuk Drummers (7/10)

So, Communion got the highest score, and American Idiot had my favorite out of the 3-way tie for 2nd. so they're now the team captains and get both a Win and Immunity Token. However, the lowest score would have been eliminated, and Thriller and DOAB didn't do the challenge, so this first elimination will have to be done the old fashioned way. Communion and American Idiot will pick their teams on a blog page. 1 album will not be placed on a team and will be eliminated. So get picking!


Elimination 1

Alright! Teams have been chosen! Before we do that, we have a confessional. (BTW now we have a confessional booth, and there's a link to it in the rules.)

Attitude City: "im glad someone won, but my name deserved at least a 9/10, also, those who did not participate deserve to be put down"

So here are the teams!

Sub-Zero Heroes: American Idiot, Attitude City, Thriller, 1989, ?, The Dark Side of the Moon

Kingly Klaviers: Communion, Cinematics, Unwritten, Evolve, Joanne, Clockwork Angels

So now that we have teams, we have to eliminate the one who wasn't chosen.

13th. Death of a Bachelor (Nemolee.exe)

See you at the first rejoin!

Challenge 2

Time for our first team challenge! The challenge will be a race challenge. There will be a link to the blog post, where all you have to do is post a comment saying that you've completed the challenge. First team to have all their members finish will win. The deadline is January 2nd. If not everyone has done the challenge, the team with the most people finished will win. Good luck!


Results 2

Here are the results!

1st. Unwritten (KK)

2nd. Attitude City (SZH)

3rd. Communion (KK)

4th. American Idiot (SZH)

5th. Dark Side of the Moon (SZH)

6th. ? (SZH)

Turns out only half the contestants did the challenge. :( :( :(

In the end, the Sub-Zero Heroes win, which means the Kingly Klaviers are up for elimination. Since Unwritten beat the challenge first, she gets a Win Token. Now it's time for voting. Any contestant can vote, but it can only be done through a poll that I will link. It will have all the essential info. Voting ends on Sunday.

UFE: Communion, Cinematics, Unwritten, Evolve, Joanne, Clockwork Angels


Elimination 2

Before we get to the elimination, we have a confessional.

Communion: "Race challenges are stupid tbh"

Now that that's over with, we can get to the elimination!

So the Kingly Klaviers lost the challenge and one of them will be eliminated. 5 contestants voted, and I honestly felt like some people didn't know that I changed the site for voting. Anyways, here are the results!

Cinematics - 0 Votes

Unwritten - 0 Votes

Evolve - 1 Vote

Communion - 1 Vote

Joanne - 1 Vote

Clockwork Angels - 2 Votes

So, with 2 votes, Clockwork Angels has been eliminated!

12th. Clockwork Angels (Itsmedaboi)

See you at the first rejoin!

Challenge 3

Time for our next challenge! This challenge will be to choose one of 3 doors. To choose, just type a number between 1 and 3. If you choose correctly, you get a point for your team. If you choose incorrectly, you get no points. The team with the most points at the end wins. Also, the first contestant to choose the correct door will get a Win Token. Challenge ends January 13th. Good luck!


Results 3

Note: Confessionals sent via the challenge blog won't appear until the eliminations. Just saying.

Alright! Let's see which door was correct!

1: Joanne, Cinematics, 1989

2: Unwritten, Dark Side of the Moon, American Idiot, ?

3: Communion, Attitude City

DNP: Evolve, Thriller

So the correct answer was door 1! Since Joanne was the first to choose it, she gets a win token. Here are the final scores!

SZH: 1

KK: 2

So the Kingly Klaviers win! So the Sub-Zero Heroes are up for elimination! Also, since Thriller has never done a single challenge, he's being put up for re-sign ups. If you're interested in taking over as Thriller, leave a comment on this page.

UFE: American Idiot, Attitude City, Thriller, 1989, ?, Dark Side of the Moon

Voting ends January 19th.


Elimination 3

Before we get to the elimination, we have an announcement, but first, confessionals.

Communion: "Luck challenges aren't any better than race challenges"

Dark Side of the Moon: "i think imma make it far in dis game"

Also, no one signed up as Thriller between results and elimination. So since no one replaced his user, he's being kicked out of the game.

11th. Thriller (ReddyHakky1998)

See you at the first rejoin! Also, if you don't want to end up like Thriller, do your challenges. Now, let's get to the elimination.

So the Sub-Zero Heroes lost the challenge. Also, there were some problems during voting. 2 contestants who weren't UFE used nonexistent tokens. Both of them have tokens, but even if they were UFE, they had to specify either a Win of Immunity token. Also, someone forgot that this show is a contestant vote. I will specify when the viewers can vote. Anyways, here are the voting results!

American Idiot: 0 Votes

1989: 0 Votes:

Thriller: 1 Viewer Vote (invalid, but Thriller was DQ'd beforehand.)

Attitude City: 1 Vote

?: 2 Votes

The Dark Side of the Moon: 3 Votes

So, with 3 votes, Dark Side has been eliminated!

10th. The Dark Side of the Moon (Just a tester)

See you at the first rejoin!

Challenge 4

For this next challenge, I will be posting some of my favorite song lyrics in the blog post and you have to guess what song they're from. It can be from an album competing, but it also can be from any album. You get 1 point if you guess the song, and 2 if you guess the song and artist. I put 5 lyrics total. Also, since Kingly Klaviers have 1 more member, I have used a wheel to decide which one of them will sit out this challenge. That contestant happens to be Communion. If you're disappointed, then sorry. Team with the most points wins! Good luck! Challenge ends January 26th.


Results 4

I must say I'm disappointed. Out of the 9 remaining contestants, only 4 did the challenge. Now there are a couple people on strike 2. Anyways, we have a couple confessionals.

American Idiot: "Well, this is just great! I lose both DSOTM and Thriller in one elimination! Hopefully my team can win this challenge so we won't be up for elimination again."

Cinematics: "wow, I hope I did good"

So here are the answers!

  1. "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day
  2. "Neon Gravestones" by Twenty One Pilots
  3. "Roads Untraveled" by Linkin Park
  4. "She's American" by The 1975
  5. "Sick Boy" by The Chainsmokers

So with 4 people on each team set to do the challenge, and each song being worth 2 points (for song and artist), the score will be out of 40. Here are the final scores!

SZH: 24/40

KK: 27/40

So the Kingly Klaviers have won the challenge! So that means that Sub-Zero Heroes are going back to the elimination! However, Evolve has hit strike 3. Because of this, he's being put up for re-sign ups. If you know anyone who might be interested, let them know.

UFE: American Idiot, Attitude City, ?, 1989

Remember, only contestants can vote! (A viewer voted last time.)


Elimination 4

Before we get to the elimination, I'd like to say that no one signed up as Evolve, so he's being kicked out of the game. Remember, do your challenges!

9th. Evolve (FDBackup)

See you at the first rejoin!

Anyways, now it's time for the Sub-Zero Heroes to lose another member. 5 contestants voted. Here are the results!

1989: 0 Votes

Attitude City: 1 Vote

American Idiot: 1 Vote

?: 3 Votes

So ? loses in a landslide vote!

8th. ? (PlaneCal)

See you at the first rejoin!

Challenge 5

Before we get to the challenge, I'm proud to announce that the teams have merged! Congrats on the final 7! Also, there will be no more strikes. I have a couple things set up, but starting with the challenge, it's a number picking challenge. Pick a number between 1 and 10. Anyone who guesses correctly will receive immunity. Challenge ends February 9th. Good Luck!


Also, I'm proud to announce the first rejoin! For this, anyone, including non-contestants can vote, but please vote based on how they played in the camp and not by their album. Also, Thriller and Evolve are still userless. If either one gets in, new users need to be found. Voting also ends on February 9th.


Rejoin 1

Before we get to the challenge results, let's do the rejoin! We got 8 votes. Here are the results!

Thriller: 0 Votes

Evolve: 0 Votes

The Dark Side of the Moon: 0 Votes

?: 1 Vote

Death of a Bachelor: 2 Votes

Clockwork Angels: 5 Votes

So Clockwork Angels returns in a landslide vote! Welcome back!

Rejoins. Clockwork Angels (Itsmedaboi)

Results 5

Now, the challenge results. 1989 and American Idiot did not do the challenge. If there were still strikes, 1989 would have been kicked. Anyways, the correct answer was 5. Since Cinematics was the only one to guess correctly, he wins immunity. Also, Clockwork Angels also gets immunity for rejoining. On a side note, I am removing all tokens from the game. So contestants, vote someone off, but vote based on how they play in the camp and not by their album. Voting ends February 16th.

UFE: American Idiot, Unwritten, Attitude City, 1989, Communion, Joanne


Elimination 5

Before we get to the elimination, I'm sad to announce that American Idiot no longer wants to participate. I wish him the best of luck.

8th. American Idiot (WarpZone64)

Now, for the real deal. 6 contestants voted. Here are the results!

Attitude City: 0 Votes

Unwritten: 0 Votes

Joanne: 0 Votes

American Idiot: 1 Vote (Quit)

Communion: 1 Vote

1989: 4 Votes

So 1989 is eliminated!

7th. 1989 (Kirbyismain)

See you at the final rejoin!

Challenge 6

So now we're down to final 6. This challenge will be another lyric guessing challenge (because I'm lazy). You know the drill. This time, there will be 8 lyrics. 1 point per song, 1 point per artist. 16 total points. The player(s) with the highest score will get immunity Anyways, here are the lyrics.

  1. "The TV talks at me apocalyptically."
  2. "I want something good to die for to make it beautiful to live."
  3. "Love yourself so no one has to."
  4. "Again I wait for this to change instead, to tear the world in two."
  5. "Of all the weapons you fight with, your silence is the most violent."
  6. "Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me."
  7. "This is the sin that I will confess to release myself."
  8. "I don't think through things. I never get time."

Challenge ends February 23rd. Good luck!


Results 6

So, 4 out of the final 6 did the challenge. Joanne and Clockwork Angels were the ones who didn't. Anyways, here are the answers!

  1. "24 Floors" by The Maine
  2. "Go with the Flow" by Queens of the Stone Age
  3. "Therapy" by All Time Low
  4. "All of This" by Blink-182
  5. "Tell Me How" by Paramore
  6. "I Can Wait Forever" by Simple Plan
  7. "Modern Day Cain" by I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME
  8. "7" by Catfish and the Bottlemen

And here are the scores!

Joanne: DNP

Clockwork Angels: DNP

Unwritten: 2/16

Cinematics: 8/16

Communion: 16/16

Attitude City: 16/16

So Communion and Attitude City win immunity! Which means that everyone else is up for elimination. Voting ends March 2nd.

UFE: Unwritten, Cinematics, Joanne, Clockwork Angels


Elimination 6

Before we get to the votes, I'm sad to announce that Joanne has decided to resign from the competition. I wish her the best of luck.

6th. Joanne (Ruth10)

Now it's time for the votes. The votes were very close. Here are the results!

Cinematics: 1 Vote

Joanne: 1 Vote (Quit)

Unwritten: 1 Vote

Clockwork Angels: 2 Votes

So Clockwork Angels is eliminated! Again.

5th. Clockwork Angels (Itsmedaboi)

See you at the final rejoin!

Challenge 7

Now it's time for the challenge. The final 4 will have to make a prediction for the camp. This can be done through comment, video, page, anything. I will handpick the winner. The winner will also get a special advantage. Challenge ends March 10th. Good luck!


Results 7

Anyways, time for the results! Unwritten was the only one who did not do the challenge. Anyways, 2 competitors predicted the prize, while the other predicted the outcome of the show. I'm giving the win to the one who predicted the camp. Congrats Communion. Now for your advantage. Communion, your advantage is getting to eliminate one of the other 3 contestants. You will send me a message on my talk page saying who you want to vote out. The deadline is March 17th.


Also, we're doing our final rejoin! However, I'll be disqualifying the people who quit or were kicked out for being inactive. Anyone, including non-contestants can vote, but please vote based on how they did in the camp and not by their album. Voting ends March 17th.


Rejoin 2

It's time for the rejoin! We got a very sad 3 votes. Anyways, here are the results!

1989: 0 Votes

Clockwork Angels: 0 Votes

?: 0 Votes

The Dark Side of the Moon: 1 Vote

Death of a Bachelor: 2 Votes

So with 2 votes, Death of a Bachelor is back in the game!

Rejoins. Death of a Bachelor (Nemolee.exe)

Elimination 7

Now, it's time to see who Communion chose to eliminate. He sent his message and a decision has been made. The person he chose to eliminate is...........

Attitude City.

5th. Attitude City (WheeliumThe2nd)

Thanks for playing!

Challenge 8

Now it's time for the final 4 challenge! This challenge will be to create a pose for your character. If you don't know how then too bad. Best pose wins immunity. This challenge is pretty self-explanitory. It ends March 30th. Good luck!


Results 8

Sorry for the wait everyone, but now it's time for the results! If you're interested in the seeing the poses, go to the challenge blog post. Anyways, for the first time in this camp, everyone did the challenge. Thank you. Anyways, Communion had my favorite pose so she wins immunity. Also, the camp is now 100% switching to viewer vote. So vote for the 3 people up for elimination. Voting ends April 6th.

UFE: Death of a Bachelor, Cinematics, Unwritten


Elimination 8

It's time for the elimination. We got 8 votes. So without further ado, here are the results!

Death of a Bachelor: 0 Votes

Cinematics: 2 Votes

Unwritten: 6 Votes

So with 6 votes, Unwritten is eliminated!

4th. Unwritten (MrYokaiAndWatch902)

Thanks for playing!

Challenge 9

And then there were 3. The final 3 challenge is to write a case as to why you deserve to make it to the finale. I will grant immunity to who I think made the best case. Challenge ends April 13th. Wish you guys the best!


Results 9/Elimination 9

Here's a twist, Communion wins the challenge with her long, detailed case. However, Death of a Bachelor did not do the challenge, and that bugs me now that we're at final 3, so as a punishment, I'm eliminating him from the game.

3rd. Death of a Bachelor (Nemolee.exe)

Thanks for playing!

Finale Part 1

We have our finalists! It's Cinematics vs Communion. There will be no more challenges, the viewers will vote for the winner. You can campaign if you want, but please vote based on how they did in the camp and not by their character. With an event as big as this, I'll be giving you guys 2 weeks to vote. Voting ends April 27th. Good luck!


Also, I have a small survey to fill out. If I were to host another camp, should it be a second season of Album Wars, or a new camp? Voting for this survey will also end April 27th. Anyways, let the finale begin!


Finale Part 2

Now for the final vote! Despite having 2 weeks, only 4 people voted for a winner. So, in a vote of 3-1, the winner of Album Wars is...............................................................................................


2nd. Communion (IndigoOctoling)

1st. Cinematics (Sasasoos)

Congrats to Cinematics, Communion, and everyone who competed in this camp! I really appreciate all of you. The good, the bad, and the in-between.

Also, I asked you if you guys wanted to see another season of Album Wars, or a new camp. In a vote of 2-1, you guys wanted a new camp. If you're interested, you can leave me suggestions on what you want to see. I'd once again like to thank everyone who helped me with this camp. Can't wait for the next one!


I have 2 new camps! Both are Survivor-themed. Flag Survivor is the first one. This will be the spiritual successor to AW. If you want to sign up, take this link.

The other one is Object Survivor, which has its own wiki! If you're interested, take this link.

Thanks again for a great camp! :)

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