Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds - Airport


At evening, they get the ticket from the airport attendant and drops off their luggage at the conveyor belt, which takes them through the luggage hole. They then go through the security and walk over to the terminal. Objects are at the waiting area in Gate DI. While they're waiting for their flight, Baby Bottle sees a Martian Tripod walking into the outside area. She sits on a chair facing Firey, takes out her smartphone, and uses it to search Obtube Videos. Firey takes out his smartphone and uses it to play the same game Match is playing. 5 minutes later, an airplane lands on the runway at the Objectropolis International Airport.

  • Firey: Well, there's our flight.

The objects are about to enter the jet bridge to the airplane. Ruby stands up and follows him, but then she sees Cheesy looking at her and she ended up bumping into him.

  • Cheesy: Oof! Hey Ruby, watch where you're going!
  • Ruby: Sorry. I was, like, about to, like, enter the plane, so I can, like, go on a flight to, like, Dream Island.
  • Firey: Wait a minute, you're going on the same flight as me?
  • Ruby: Well, yeah.
  • Firey: Well the Martians are not coming back if I'm correct.
  • Leafy: Well, let's just say that I am, like, one of the objects to, like, enter the contest, which is, like, a battle... for Dream Island. My name is Match, and I totally love to hang out with my BFF Pence-Pence.
  • Pencil: Don't call me Pence-Pence, Leafy.
  • Leafy: Sorry. I just don't know who that is.
  • Firey: Hold on! Boarding is about-

All of the objects turn back sight of the Martian Tripod.

  • Firey: Oh no...

Scissors is seen flying in a warplane, shooting at the Tripod.

  • Scissors: DIE TRIPOD, DIE!
  • Scissors: ULA yourself, you giant robot beast!
  • Donut: Scissors! What a genius!
  • Martian Tripod: *Nearly destroys Scissors' Warplane right-wing with Eyed Heat-Ray*
  • Scissors: Think again, you metal morbid harbinger! *starts shooting again*
  • Scissors: You are not going to do that once m- ACK!
    • Martian Tripod: *Finally destroys Scissors' Warplane with Eyed Heat-Ray*

Scissors parachutes down.

  • Martian Tripod: *Half destroys parachute with Eyed Heat-Ray, but Scissors survives*
  • Firey: Scissors! Head-

The 12 Martian Tripods leave the airport and go into the ocean.

  • Firey: Well, they retreated back.
  • Scissors: That was anti-climatic (ow my leg...)
  • Leafy: Hey Scissors.... are you okay?

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