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AirPod is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


AirPod’s body, as her name implies, is an Apple AirPod. It is a small Bluetooth speaker that you can put into your ear to listen to music with a lack of wires. The AirPod has a long straight part followed by a curved head, including a speaker where the sound’s played. AirPod has both arms and legs.


It’s hard to decided whether AirPod is a good person or not. She gives advice to people, but it’s slightly off. It can cause people like Alien Monitor to make slight mistakes (why would he trust her anyway, he has his own source of info). Nobody’s trying to object either, so she just carries on. AirPod is also a somewhat fast runner, which she can occasionally brag about.


  • AirPod has had a few boyfriends, but they’ve been dumped within a month or so.
  • AirPod really likes listening to music and can get really annoyed when people have different opinions to her about it.
  • AirPod is a contestant in The Struggle For Luxury.
  • AirPod is a contestant in Mysterious Object Super Show.