Adventures of Teh Objects 1 is the first episode of Adventures of Teh Objects, which is a new show created by ButterBlaziken230. It is similar to another series by BB230, called Question Box does Things.


Question Box: Wow. I sure am bored.

-1: Wanna play tennis?

Question Box: Okie

[they play tennis, but -1 loses due to not having arms]

-1: Hey you had an advantage that’s not fair!

Question Box: Bruh you could’ve played with someone else

Bacteria Splat: Like me hahahahahahaha

-1: B r u h

Ring-Con: Who wanna get ripped

Bookmarky: Not me, for I do not want to be ripped to shreds

Ring-Con: You ultimate bruh moment

Bookmarky: But you said zat.

Ring-Con: But it’s not what I meant, u bookworm.

Bookmarky: oh. Then what?

Ring-Con: Ripped usually means getting very strong.

Bookmarky: Oh.

Unknowny: Ay lads it me

Question Box: aaaaaaaaaa no pls no kill that is a big nono

Unknowny: I don’t feel like killing today so I’m not

Question Box: So no glitch

Unknowny: Yes I am no glitch

Purple Thing: Then what do I do

Unknowny: Order pizza because I am big hungry. I assume you are too

Purple Thing: Oh yeah. [grabs out his phone and orders a pepperoni pizza]

[at the Pizza Place]


Red Spoon: This is the Object Show Community, not the Numbercommunity.

Purple Spoon: So I cannot sing dat?

Red Spoon: Whatever you can sing

Purple Spoon: Woohoo yay

Spike: Are we gonna get paid for baking this pizza?

Purple Spoon: Well now it’s done, so I go deliver

[Purple Spoon goes to Unknowny’s house]

Purple Spoon: Here your pizza sir, pls pay

Purple Thing: Pay?

Purple Spoon: Yee

Question Box: Okay I’m seeing too much purple stuff rn

Unknowny: Well I’m broke-

Question Box: I pay for it. [he pays for pizza]

Unknowny: Wow thanks

Question Box: No prob

-1: Now it is end of episode

Question Box: Wha really

-1: Yes, cuz I said so.

Bookmarky: We can move onto the next chapter of this series!

-1: Yea, u bigbrain

Question Box: Whatever, I’ll allow it.

-1: Yey

Bookmarky: Next episode should be longer.

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