Firey Replacement Box

"The. Abduction Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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  • Firey: Are you sure this will lead to the mastermind?
  • Test Tube: Positive.
  • Leafy: Hey, what's that in the sky?

They look up.

UFOs hover above them.

  • Firey: Oh shoot! UFOs! We are going to get abducted!
  • Party Hat: Hey UFO's let's party!

The objects get weapons from the weapon box, and the battle begins.

  • Firey: Hey UFOs, tickle THIS! *shoots UFO with pistol*
  • Test Tube: *grabs rifle* If you all want to abduct us, abduct THIS! *shooting UFO*
  • Scissors: This isn't time for any martian games! *shoots UFO with machine gun*
  • Party Hat: If you were asking, this is what I meant by "party"! *throws dynamite at the UFOs and covers his ears* It'll explode any second now!
  • Lightbulb, Shieldy and Bubble: *shoots UFO with bazookas*
  • Flower, Trowel and Baguette: *drive tanks and shoot UFOs*

Shelly tries to shoot at the UFOs. She accidentally aims the gun at herself, leading to her death.

  • Firey:I told you not to shoot yourself...
  • Scissors: She is so dumb!
  • Bubble: Let's resume the battle!

Leafy taps Bubble's shoulder.

  • Bubble: What...?

Leafy points to the UFOs, which Martian Invaders are coming out of.

  • Firey: Oh no! Invaders! We need to ru-

The Invader gets shot, killing it instantly.

  • Pear: So long, Martians.
  • Firey: Who... said that?

The camera pans over to Pear.

  • Pear: I'm the newest of the savages. *throws rocket launcher over her shoulder*
  • Leafy: Good! Maybe you can help us!
  • Pear: Gladly!

The battle resumes, with Pear helping.

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