A Spirited Beginning is the first episode in Another Average Object Show.


RLOS appears

RLOS: Hello, everyone! Welcome to Another Average Object Show!

Icing Bag: That's the host by the way. If you didn't notice.

Icing Bag shrugs

RLOS: We should meet our contestants. They're all arriving by boat now!

RLOS would walk up to the dock of Goiky

RLOS: And our first contestant; Root Beer!

A boat pulls up, and Root Beer jumps out

Root Beer: burps 'ello, pretty lady... vomits

RLOS: He's a bit of a crackpot.

Root Beer: Love you too.

RLOS: Is he drunk or something? Eh, nevermind. Next contestant!

Another boat pulls up, and Kazuichi jumps out.

Kazuichi: Oh boy. It's YOU! The host!

Kazuichi would pause

Kazuichi: Are you the host?

RLOS: Um, duh. Can you move, quickly? The next contestant is gonna ju-

Kazuichi would be jumped on by Noob

Noob: OOF.

RLOS: Hello, Noob. How do you feel?

Noob: OOF.

RLOS: Seasick?

Noob: OOF.

RLOS: I'll take that as a no. Next!

Kazuichi: Ow...

Playtime X would jump out

Playtime X: Lets play!

RLOS: Well, you can play THIS game.

Playtime X: Jump rope?


Close up of Playtime X frowning


The boat pulled up, but nobody jumped out

RLOS: Um...

Firey Underwear would appear in front of RLOS, causing them to scream

RLOS: Ugh, nevermind. Next.

Little Boi would inch out of the boat

Little Boi: Uhh, can I take my time? Almost down...

Little Boi would be pushed off the boat by Red Diamond and Gold Marker jumping out

Red Diamond: Hurry up, idiot!

Customer Service runs onto the dock and catches Little Boi

RLOS: Everyone, Little Boi.

Little Boi: Um, hi...

RLOS: Then theres the jocks, Red Diamond and Gold Marker.

Bleach: And me!

Gold Marker: Quiet, idiot. If you don't shut up, we'll drink you.

RLOS: Moving on...

Texty: Hi!

RLOS: AH! Where did you come from?

Texty: I like to pop up every once and a while. Like now.

RLOS: Whatever, next.

The next boat pulls up, with Anime Pie and Onigiri jumping out

Anime Pie: Lets get this over with...

Onigiri: We have the last few seasons of My Hero Academia to watch!

RLOS: Ah, anime fans. How are yo--

Noob pushes RLOS out of the way

Noob: OOF.

Anime Pie and Onigiri swoon

Anime Pie + Onigiri: Kare wa utsukushī! (He's beautiful!)

The next boat pulls up and Thermos jumps out

Thermos: So, this the contest?

RLOS: Yep. Next.

Thermos: Wait, you give those losers an introduction but not me?

RLOS: Yeah, because they're not perverts.

The next boat pulls up, with Cupcake jumping out. She ends up hitting the docks face first. Wheel would poke out of the boat

Wheel: I predicted that would happen.

Cupcake: Not helping...


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