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Started in:

November 24, 2012

Made by:

ThirstySkunk910 (Both on YouTube and Wiki as Thirsty Skunk910)

Ended in:


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ABOLFFSNR (A Bunch of Leafs Fighting For Something Not Real) is camp made by ThirstySkunk910. This camp is similar to carykh's BAGUETTE camp, such as the same flavors you can sign up, the "immunity stacks", and etc. This camp's contestants is in Leafy from BFDI, unlike BAGUETTE which their contestants are Gelatin in BFDIA. In challenges, whoever does the best in a challenge, will earn a "Immunity Stack", Immunity Stacks let you have immunity for 2 or more episodes. Usually eliminations, the people who don't do the challenge or the lowest scores are up for elimination, a point system was recovered and whoever was the LOWEST score would be automatically eliminated from the game. When only 9 leafs remain in the battle, there was known to be a rule change. This rule change confirmed that: No immunities are given to contestants anymore, and no immunites are stacked.

Season 2

On 12/23/12, ThirstySkunk910 revealed that there will be a Season 2, but with MANY changes.

Season 2 CONFIRMED Characters!!

  • Cola
  • Acai
  • Cake
  • Licorish
  • Salamence

Season 2 contest

A video was released by ThirstySkunk910, telling everyone that there was gonna be a contest to win a spot into S2, the contest sign ups are over, here are the 10 contestants and their youtube channels.

  • Acid - goldenzoomi
  • Aqua - Jeelhu77
  • Cheese - anming12
  • Meatball - rj3ful1
  • Meat - gopokemon121
  • Pear - SammyShinx
  • Peppermint - KillaxCool
  • Pomegrante - Hugatree343
  • Salmon - Krakenfacethe3rd
  • Sandwich - YoyleJefferson

Season 2 changes

- The original Characters were going to be Apple's but, I've decided to keep them Leaves.

- The title was going to be a word, but the Season 2 name is "ABOLFFSNR II"


ABOLFFSNR 7 went through some changes.

  1. New Metal Idol

    It's not going to be like BAGUETTE anymore. It even might have a different name.
  2. It has a new host, his name is Metal. Season 2 or Season 1, Metal will not be an contestant, Metal will be hosting Season 2.
  3. Its going to have a "Cake at Stake" like most camps. The elimination area will come from ScienceStorm1's camp's elimination area. Metal "borrowed" it.
  4. Replacing immunities, are tokens. The tokens are from SalamenceJacketJeans' BFGP (Battle for Gold Palace) Salamence will obviously get the credit for them. SalamenceJacketJeans is Lychee in ABOLFFSNR.


Challenge 1: Guess the host's locker combination.

Challenge 2: Baking a cake.

Challenge 3: Guess what place Button came in as a winning recommended character in what BFDIA episode.

Challenge 4: Guess the name of Tom's (from Eddsworld) hair.

Challenge 5: The eliminated competitors must guess a number in an attempt to rejoin. Also, an optional challenge for the competitors still in; create a wiki page for ABOLFFSNR. Whoever does gets immunity into the final 5. If someone who's not in the camp makes one, they will debut as Soap.

Challenge 6: Name a gun, airplane or a combat weapon, it will be rated from 1/10, if you picked a airplane, it costs you 2 points, if you pick a combat weapon, you lose 3 points. If you pick a gun, you lose none.

Challenge 7: Make an intro for the camp, the best intro with the most points, will be on ABOLFFSNR from now on.

Challenge 8: Race through an entire maze, the maze had Slender Man, the person who got caught by him was eliminated, and that was Ice.

Elimination Table

Contestant Status Reason Placing

Bubble Gum - jairmorales21

1st Eliminated in 2A Rejoins in 5B.

Due to him not doing the first challenge. Rejoins in 5B, the original owner SammyShinx,  got kicked out.                                      

Blackberry - AnimatedEps

1st Eliminated in 3A

His cake got a relatively low score, also blackberry isn't the tastiest flavor. 19th Place
Tangerine - cyberkittenz 2nd Eliminated 3B Having the lowest score among the rest of the leaves; and was eliminated because of that. 18th Place
Poo - jaggerbug 3rd Eliminated in 4A Poo is not really liked by the fanbase; both flavor and user playing him. Poo was eliminated due to the hatred of others towards him.

17th Place

Green Apple - KariadsLair

4th Eliminated in 5A

In a close vote, Green Apple got one more vote than Cherry and was sadly eliminated 16th Place
Lemon - PLPokemon

5th Eliminated in 6A

Lemon was eliminated due to the fact that nobody knew who he was, so, he was eliminated with 8 votes, and is placed 12th. 15th Place
Cherry - TTGuy100000* 6th Eliminated in 7A Cherry was eliminated because of not doing the challenge, and due to his hate in 5A, by eliminating Green Apple by 1 vote.  14th Place

Watermelon - Tacoburger22

7th Eliminated in Episode 8


Watermelon was eliminated due to the fact that his intro got more dislikes than likes, and that caused him to get a -2 as a result, automaticly eliminating him. 13th Place
Lime - uxie126 8th Eliminated in Episode 8 Lime was eliminated because of being up for elimination too many times, and needs to keep this camp faster, overall, he was eliminated, along with Watermelon. 12th Place
Soap - Hugatree343 9th Eliminated in Episode 9 Soap was eliminated due to getting the most votes 11th Place
Cement - RingoBingo1510 10th Eliminated in Episode 9 Cement was eliminated because of getting the second most votes 10th Place
Grape - monstergamer20 11th Eliminated in Episode 9 Grape was eliminated because of a triple elimination. 9th Place
Ice - trelonbarret123 12th Eliminated in Episode 10 Ice got caught by Slenderman, causing him to be eliminated. 8th Place
Bubble Gum - jairmolares21 13th Eliminated in Episode 10 Bubble Gum was the last to do the challenge, causing his second elimination. 7th Place
Acai - taopwnh6427 Not Yet Eliminated N/A --
Banana - GatlingGroink57* Not Yet Eliminated N/A --
Blueberry - DeeandEd Not Yet Eliminated N/A --
Cranberry - UltraToons Not Yet Eliminated N/A --
Hot Sauce - Thedomster90000 Not Yet Eliminated N/A --

Lychee - SalamenceJacketJeans

Not Yet Eliminated



Watermelon - Tacoburger22

Not Yet Elminated




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