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(Shows the sun rising)

Australia Flag: Alright mates, welcome back to Battle For Pain, or should I say... Another Battle For Pain? *Sniggers* Anyway, we have some new contestants. Come and introduce yourselves, mates!

Vinicius: *Walks up* Hello, I'm Vinicius. If you don't know what I'm supposed to be, I'm a colourful combination of all wildlife animals.

Campfire: *Shouts* Is that why you have a tail?

Vinicius: Uhh... yeah?

Rubik's Cube: *Shouts* And is that why you're not an object?

Vinicius: Yeah, but for some reason on my belly I have a face with object limbs and legs under my feet. *Walks off*

Thanos Pie: Hey, I'm Thanos Pie. Whenever someone messes with me, I snap them. 

Thanos: Hey look! I found my long lost brother!

Thanos Pie: I'm not your long lost brother.

Thanos: *Whispers angrily* Listen here you, you are my long lost brother. And if you think you aren't my long lost brother, you can fudge off. 

Thanos Pie: *Snaps Thanos*

Thanos: Australia Flag, I don't feel so good... 

Australia Flag: You alright mate?

Thanos: I don't know what's happening...

Thanos: I don't wanna go... *Disintegrates away*

Australia Flag: Oh well. He'll be back anyway.

Vinicius: What's the prize by the way?

Australia Flag: The prize is €9,000 and an ambulance mate.

S'more: I thought it was a pet unicown!

Australia Flag: Sorry but it's still an ambulance and €9,000 mate.

Yoghurt: Pouvez-vous arrêter de nous appeler "compagnon"? Ça devient ennuyeyx.

Virus: (Sarcastically) Wow, I totally understood what you just said. 

Yoghurt: Finalement! Une personne qui me comprend! 

Virus: Err... I don't speak French.

Australia Flag: Anyway mates, let's get started.

Later that day...

Australia Flag: Alright mates, form your teams of six! You only have three minutes. Go!

Protein Bar: Hmm, who should I pick? I know! I'll pick Vinicius.

Vinicius: Yes! Did you hear that Ghost? 

Ghost: *Looks at Vinicius and smiles*

Thanos: Guess who's back, baby!

Protein Bar: Thanos? I thought you were snapped by Thanos Pie!

Thanos: Yeah, but in a few minutes after being snapped you come back to life.

Protein Bar: I know I hate saying this but, do you want to be in my team?

Thanos: Sure. We also need three other people to have six members. 

Vinicius: What about Ghost?

Protein Bar: Sure!

Thanos: Y'know Protein Bar, I'm actually starting to like you. 

Protein Bar: Let's just agree that we're both strong.

Thanos: Okay. 

Rubik's Cube: Can I join? 

Thanos: Yup.

Virus: *Spins up to them in tornado form* Hey Vsauce, Virus here! Can I join?

Rubik's Cube: Yes.

Virus: (Excitedly) Yes! *Nudges Rubik's Cube*

Rubik's Cube: *Starts coughing*

Guinness: Hmm... I'll pick S'more.

S'more: Yay! Hewwo fweind! :3

Guinness: Yeah whatever.

S'more: I'ww piwk Campfiwe!

Campfire: Why do you always have to pick me?

S'more: Because I wove you!

Campfire: That's kinda weird.

Pencil Case: Can I join?

Guinness: No way hosay! I'm not gonna let a giant fat slob like you in my team!

Pencil Case: Stop calling me fat!

Guinness: ok fatty

Pencil Case: STOP!

Guinness: no u

Pencil Case: Grrr!

Guinness: (Mimicking Pencil Case) Grrr!


S'more: *Hugging Pencil Case* Don't wowwy penciw case! He's vewy mean!

Guinness: HEY! 

Australia Flag: You only have a couple of minutes left mates!

Yoghurt: Puis-je déjà rejoindre?

Guinness: What the fudging hail did you say?

Yoghurt: Langue!

Guinness: wut

Yoghurt: Ugh! *Pulls out phone and turns on Google Translate

Guinness: What are you doing?

Yoghurt: *Shows Guinness phone* Lang-u-age.

Guinness: Oh! Language. You wanted me to mind my language! Listen here Madame, you don't tell me what to do. 

Yoghurt: *Types and shows the screen to Guinness again* 

Guinness: Okay fine, you can join.

Pencil Case: Can I join again?

Guinness: *Moans* FINE! But don't get into trouble.

Pencil Case: Yay!

S'more: Yay! Weww done!

Guinness: We need one more person.

S'more: Wet's choose Thanos Pie! He wooks wonewy. I know! I'ww give him a big hug! 

Campfire: I don't think that's such a good idea...

S'more: *Runs up to Thanos Pie and wraps her arms around him* Join us pwease!

Thanos Pie: *Snaps S'more* 

Campfire: S'MORE NO!

S'more: *Disintegrates away*

Thanos Pie: Okay.

Australia Flag: Alright mates, time's up! Now you must choose your team names. If all of you mates can't choose, I will. Good luck! 

One minute later...

Australia Flag: Have you mates chosen?

Everybody: No.

Australia Flag: Then I'll choose. 

Australia Flag: *Walks up to Guinness, Yoghurt, Campfire, Thanos Pie and Pencil Case* You mates are the Lil Uzis.

Australia Flag: *Walks up to Protein Bar, Vinicius, Thanos, Virus, Rubik's Cube and Ghost* And you mates are the 21 Savages. 

Vinicius: I like that name actually.


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