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9-Ball is a female contestant in BFTPITS. She was taken by Joshbfdi10.


9-Ball is mostly seen as rude by the other contestants. She isn't afraid of telling others stuff that she doesn't like and she believes that her opinion matters more than the others. 9-Ball doesn't have a favorite letter but she doesn't like to tell it numerous times to other people and she hates when other people tells their stuff numerous times (an example will be like 8-Ball who constantly tell others that he doesn't have a favorite number). She believes that repeating the same stuff over and over again is useless because the person already knows about what the other person tell them about. However, she still wants to be friends with others and if she gets one, she thinks that she might even be a good person to be friends with. 9-Ball is also much smarter and reasonable compared to her clone 8-Ball. 9-Ball loves to draw stuff and most people thinks that she is a decent artist. 9-Ball only tells specific stuff to people only on important times.


  • 9-Ball is the first member of The Ozone Masters to be eliminated.
    • She is also the first eliminated contestant that was on a team.