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"9-Ball (BFDI) sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!" — Pen
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9-Ball is a contestant up for debut for The Power of Two. He is a male contestant in The Insane Battle Of Objects Rebooted/Reboot Of A Reboot but the name was changed 2-Ball formerly, (as shown in the discord server, formerly) then into Cue Chalk, and Battle for Dream City.


9-Ball is a cream-colored billiard ball with a yellow stripe.


BFB/TPOT: 9-Ball does not care about letters, similar to how 8-Ball does not care about numbers. They have a deadpan attitude as well.

TIBOOR/ROAR: 9-Ball is very monotonous, but will state that he indeed does not have a favorite letter. He has few friends and is quite loyal to those friends. He’s good at being blunt and stating the obvious, pointing out the flaws in people. He tends to joke around, but is not very great with it. He’s quite unfamiliar with humor and doesn’t usually associate himself with anything funny.

Fan Fiction[]

Meet the Battle for Dream City Contestants![]

In Meet the Battle for Dream City contestants!, 9-Ball says that he has a favorite letter, which is B.


  • 9-Ball is the only TIBOO contestant whose name starts with a number.
  • 9-Ball was a recommended character in the third episode of Battle for Dream Island Again, the second episode of Battle for B.F.D.I. and in the sixteenth episode of the ladder.
  • He was originally created by Joey B, AwesomecatmanYT and JakedyJ.
  • Unlike 8-Ball, 9-Ball has an actual outline. Which 8-Ball, like a billiard ball, does not have one.