some cool kid who is going to make the best object show ever

8thKingdom is the creator of the object show "The Worst Object Show Ever", a satire take on the object show format.

The first episode is at

"TWOSE" has 9 contestants, 3 teams of 3, and a host called "The Host"


The contestants:

  • Object Show Fanonpedia Icon
  • Taco Mouth
  • BFB 1 Thumbnail
  • Tissue Box (Sneezems)
  • Tissue
  • Algodoo Error
  • Diamond Cup
  • My OC called O
  • My OC called C

8thKingdom got involved in the community of TWOW in 2016, which was merged with the Object Show community.

They do not know their plans for a future season of TWOSE.
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