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For other uses, see 8-Ball.

8-Ball is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game".


8-Ball is fairly large and round with an 8 at the top. He is completely a shiny shade of black. The eight is surrounded by white.


8-Ball is more of a floater than a contributor. There is nothing special that he has done, but his favorite number is 79.


8-Ball made his first appearance in Episode 5.5, given the chance to join. However, in Episode 6, he fails to join as he loses the paintball contest.


  • 8-Balls favorite number (79) is actually a hidden joke, as from 1-10 eight is between 7 and 9, remove eight from 789 and you get 79 (8-Ball's favorite number)
  • There is a 8-Ball that is quite similar to the 8-Ball here. Although this 8-Ball doesn't have a favorite number.