7 Years Later...

  • Mepolis Female Subway Station Announcer: Attention. This city is now constructed. Station is now open.
  • Mepolis Robot: Greetings living of Mepolis! Welcome to city!
  • Firey: Hi, I'm Firey. Have a nice day.
  • Unknown Object #1: Thank you.
  • Firey: Have a nice day.
  • Unknown Object #2: Thank you so much.

(Cut to Firey walking to his hotel room. There, he grabs a cup of kimchi-flavored instant noodles. There, he puts in water, puts it in the microwave, and when it is done, takes it out and sets it on the table near the TV. It shows a picture of Earth.

  • TV Announcer: Earth. It's our home in the Mepolis we're lives. It's home to Yoyle City, Speakerpolis, Davidtown and Numberpolis. It is connected to other cities. It is living futuristic of its life. That potentially able to restore Earth's environment in surface aside being designed as an infinite power source that both more powerful and cleaner than nuclear energy.

The TV shows a picture of Mars.

  • TV Announcer: Mars. It is a red planet we're they came from this planet. The Martians had launched the cylinders on earth. Being designed as an infinite power source, it's power energy was proved both unstable and corruptive, it enables any robot that loaded with it to become more powerful and destructive than it normally was, and enable it to assimilate anything both to regenerate and empower itself. This was proved when Martians had fired cylinders twice, but we are not sure if friendly-relation life is in the planet-
  • Firey: Geez. These people don't know the difference between this planet and that what's the p-

Firey's phone rings.

  • Firey: *picks up phone* Hello?
  • Leafy: Hi, it's me.
  • Firey: Leafy! How are you doing?
  • Leafy: I'm doing good today Firey.
  • Firey: Alright, great to know.
  • Leafy: So, when are you coming back to Yoyle City?
  • Firey: If all things go well, and if they let me stay... a week.
  • Leafy: Okay, that's perfect.
  • Firey: So far, yes it is perfect.
  • Leafy: Yeah I know. You told me, like, a million times.
  • Firey: Sometimes telling you over and over how perfect this city is can take a million ways.
  • Leafy: Well, I'm glad you are safe. Good night, Firey.
  • Firey: Good night, Leafy. *turns off phone*
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