763 Image is a character of Canon Objects when will released in 2026


In Episode 6 he

1 joined Canon Objects

on Episode 11 he starting believe of BFDI characters

in Episode 14-16 started vote bfdi characters


EP14: 13 votes

EP15: 9 votes

EP16: 9 votes again


EP14: 11 votes

EP15: 14 votes

EP16: 8 votes

Soap (II)

EP14: 9 votes

EP15: 17 votes

EP16: 11 votes

Episode 22: She saw Flower

in Episode 23 (last episode) she win and Flower eliminated with 27 votes (7 likes and 20 dislikes)

in Season 2 Episodes 7-14 saw Bubble, Eraser, Blocky and Microphone (II)

in Season 3 Episode 5 he challenged in Lofty ChallengeChallenge

in Season 3 Episode 11 he eliminated with 47 votes with Firey (46 votes)


He likely have rejoined in Seaason 3 Episode 15!

Object Canon have 19 bfdi contestants

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