3DS Game Cartridge is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


3DS Game Cartridge is a Game Cartridge for the popular handheld, the 3DS. It is all white, with a tiny knob to stop it from being put in to a DS, an older version. There is a sticker on it, showing Question Box’s Adventure. It is unknown if it is canon that Question Box’s Adventure was released for the 3DS.


3DS Game Cartridge is a lazy girl who really likes to play games, especially RPGs (this is because the 3DS had many brilliant RPGs in its library, like Fire Emblem and Pokemon). She doesn’t have many friends because she is usually lazy, and is mainly disliked. However, when she isn’t lazy, she is a bright, nice person.


  • No two 3DS Game Cartridges are the same, even if you use a cloning device. They will always have a different sticker.
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