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"The. 100. Needs. To be. Fixed. Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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100 is a male OC by Cutiesunflower.


He appears to be the number 100, colored in gold. He wears his own crown because he's a king.


He's nice, and he can help others sometimes. He can be clumsy at times like Tennis Ball due to him being armless. He's also dumb.


  • In his first pose, he didn't have a crown on him.
    • This is because the creator has forgotten to add the crown on him.
  • He is the second number OC made by Cutiesunflower, the first one is 15.
    • He is also the first 3-digit-number made by Cutiesunflower.
  • He is the first armless number OC created by Cutiesunflower.


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