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-1 is a number OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


-1 is an armless character with a blue body. He is in the shape of a 1, with an ominous negative symbol hovering next to him. It’s not attached to him, but he feels pain when it is touched.


-1 is your classic crazy character. However, he’s a bit toned down compared to Taco from Inanimate Insanity. He tries to keep cool most of the time. Something strange is that it takes a lot to annoy him as he sees the best in everybody.


The Object Squad vs Evil Ghost Leafy[]

In The Object Squad vs Evil Ghost Leafy, -1 was able to stun Evil Ghost Leafy when Green Face shot him out of a trebuchet. This helped the team a lot. -1 was also the first one to see Evil Ghost Leafy, and he kind of helped Question Box create a power-up by telling him to do it.

Adventures of Teh Objects[]

In Adventures of Teh Objects 1, -1 plays tennis with Question Box. However, he loses due to not having arms and being at a disadvantage. Later on in the episode, he says that it ends just because he wants it to end. Despite this, he has a minor role in the episode.


  • When depressed, his body turns black and his eyes turn white.
  • -1 is the first character on the Object Show Community to start his name with a dash (-).