CFOS 3: Fire Away Your Fears is the second episode of Clash For Object Supremacy. This episode is currently unfinished.


Pen: Hey Snowball, ain’t it sad that we’re on different teams?

Snowball: Yeah! I wish we could be on the same team.

Pen: That would fix things.

Cherries (1): [walks over] Snowball, what are you doing?

Pen: Well, Snowball had the idea of - [snowball covers his mouth]

Snowball: Haha! Yes, yes.

Cherries (2): What’s going on here?

Pen: He just longed to - [snowball covers his mouth]

Snowball: Haha! Oh, I-it’s so boring you would despise it, teehee.

Cherries (1): No. We want to know.

Pen: [shoves away Snowball’s hand] HE WANTS TO SWITCH TEAMS!

[everyone is silent]

Snowball: PEN!

Cherries (1): W-Why don’t you like being on our team?

Cherries (2): We only want to help!

Snowball: Oh, it’s just I want to be with -

Cherries (1): Spikey Ruler, I know! She’s a better team captain!

Cherries (2): She really is! Go be on her team!

Snowball: No. I want to say something.

Pen: Snowball?

Snowball: If you want to be a good team captain, do not doubt yourself. I think you’re amazing team captain.

Cherries (1): You do?

Snowball: Spikey Ruler’s a bossy bot.

Cherries (2): So, you want to stay?

Snowball: Yes!

Cherries (1): Yay! Wahoo! Everyone! Snowball was going to leave our team, but he didn’t!

Soap: That’s good!

Fire Exity: I would miss him!

Glovey: Well, well, well...

Fire Exity: What?

Glovey: ooh la laa. Somebody’s got a crush.

Fire Exity: Hey, shut up!

[the camera moves to the other team]

Spikey Ruler: Look! They’re going for the elimination!

Blue Tetramino: Do I look like I care?

Spikey Ruler: I was saying it to the people that care.

Blue Tetramino: Well, I don’t!

Donut: Do you care about anything?

Balloony: No, I don’t think he does!

-1: You’re right! He literally has no soul!

Blue Tetramino: SHUT UP!

-1: He has 4 Tetris blocks. What else is 4? His IQ.


[The camera pans to the elimination]

Question Box: Welcome, Cool Crew. Your team lost it’s cool last episode.

Suitcase: Yeah, we didn’t do that good.

Fire Exity: I heard that the plan that Pen and Broken Bone used was unstoppable!

Lightbulb: It was. They could whoosh around and push ya in a pillar!

Fire Exity: That’s a description of a good plan.

Pea: Or cheating!

Knife: Cheating? Yeah. They probably cheated. They cheated so they could eliminate YOU!

Pea: Please, no don’t hurt me!!

Question Box: Okay, let’s announce the votes. Everyone apart from Snowball, Pea and Knife are safe. The prizes today are boxes of grapes!

Marker: Yum! [eats] hmmm, these seem off.

Question Box: Oh, I ran an experiment on those.

Marker: Yuk! [throws them away, and they land on Soap’s head]

Soap: EW EW EW EW EW EW EW! [she picks them up, and they zoom into the distance]

Broken Bone: Whoa, What was up with Soa- [he gets hit with the grapes] Ew! Why are there half eaten grapes in my face!?

Question Box: Okay, Snowball. You got 1 vote.

Snowball: Yeah! I don’t want to eat these though. Grapes are for wimps!

Pea: Wait, I’m in the bottom two? What did I do wrong?

Knife: Everything. Your size, your colour,

Pea: pfft.

Question Box: Out Of Knife And Pea,

Knife: ooooooo....

Question Box: Pea is Safe.

Pea: Oh my god! I was so nervous! MAN!

Knife: What? I’m eliminated? Guess there is no place for a jerk like me. People deserve the powers more, I guess.

Question Box: Let’s fling you to the cloud chamber! [Knife is flung to the cloud chamber]

Pea: Good riddance!

Glovey: Aw man, he’s gone!

Snowball: Don’t worry. We can be bros!

Glovey: Gnarly!

[they first bump, and the camera turns to The Imaginators.]

Spikey Ruler: Okay, new challenge, another victory!

Broken Bone: You seriously think we’ll win again?

Spikey Ruler: Of course not!

Pen: Wait, Wha-

Spikey Ruler: With that mindset! Just think, you worked wonders last episode! When you put your mind to it, you can do amazing things!

Broken Bone: That’s true, but the challenge is always unexpected. We have little time to practice!

Pen: Huh, Yeah.

Candy Corn: I think the challenge is a race!

Broken Bone: That’s.. really unoriginal. Question Box doesn’t want his show to have a bad reputation by having one of the least imaginative challenges in all of Object Shows.

-1: Um, okay?

Candy Corn: No! Race Challenges are epic!

-1: Yeah!

Candy Corn: More epic than you!!

Spikey Ruler: Oh my! That’s uncalled for.

[Marker comes along]

Marker: Hellooooo! Ready to lose hard?

Donut: Who asked YOU to come over?

Marker: Cherries, actually. They want me to diss you.

-1: This’ll be absolutely epic!

Pen: Show us your roast.

-1: Yeah!

Marker: Well, you’re going to lose with your boring character of a team captain!


Marker: Nice, the only personality trait. Cherries will burn you to ashes!


Marker: The Imaginators? More like the Idiotic Fakers!


Donut: Hey! We don’t need your mean insults!

Marker: Can your stupid team captain make a comeback?

Spikey Ruler: Well, um... Uhh.... You’re... [runs away in tears]

Marker: Well, there should be a new team captain.

Pen: Broken Bone should be our leader!

Broken Bone: But, why?


Pen: Fine, we won’t.

Broken Bone: But, if we lose again, we’ll think about it.

Spikey Ruler: [sigh] ok.

Question Box: Everybody! It’s challenge time! It is another competition between the two teams. However, it is a shooting contest. There will be a crazy amount of ammo balls on the floor that 7 of the team’s contestants will collect for the other 2 to fire. Shoot someone to kill them. The first team to have all of their members die loses!

Lightbulb: Are you gonna do a clicky click so we can begin?

Question Box: Good Question. [he clicks his fingers, and the arena appears.]

Snowball: Woah!

Question Box: Pick 2 people to be firing, Team Captains!

Spikey Ruler: Broken Bone, you can fire! Oh, and you, Blue Tetramino.

Broken Bone: I’ll take em down, I guess.

Blue Tetramino: THEY’LL GET CREAMED!

Broken Bone: That’s the spirit, I suppose.

Cherries (1): We’ll pick one each.

Cherries (2): Sounds good!

Cherries (1): I’ll pick Lightbulb!

Lightbulb: Yeah! We’ll win!

Cherries (2): I’m picking Snowball.

Glovey: Aw, man. Why not me?

Question Box: BEGIN!

[all of the ammo balls fall onto the ground, and Balloony rushes to get 5.]

Balloony: I’m coming, Broken Bone!

Blue Tetramino: Hurry up, slowpoke!

Balloony: I’m here! [Balloony chucks the ammo into the ammo basket, and then the camera pans to Broken Bone using them]

Broken Bone: Take this. [he fires a ball at Soap, but she dodges]

Soap: Phew.

Fire Exity: That was a quick move! Good job!

Soap: I’m getting that ball! And 2 others, I guess. [she runs to the basket, but is pushed out of the way by Pen]

Pen: Haha!

Soap: Hey! Give me back my balls!

Pen: Come get em’!

Soap: FINE. [she runs towards him and kicks him in the back]

Pen: OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH! [he runs around in pain, and gets hit]

Snowball: Oh Yeah!

Lightbulb: That’s one of them out.

Blue Tetramino: Run Away, cause ya’ll gonna die! [fires 3 balls, but they miss]

Suitcase: Hah! Good try.

Blue Tetramino: GRRRRRR! Come back here! [he fires once more, and hits Suitcase]

Suitcase: Oh no!

Green Face: Ha-ha! [he comes along and takes Suitcase’s 5 ammo]

Broken Bone: This is quite fun!

Blue Tetramino: It’s so satisfying when you hit someone. [he hits Glovey] Like that!

Question Box: Just a reminder guys, the other shooters can be hit too!

Lightbulb: Cool! If one of them’s out, we have it in the bag!

Blue Tetramino: DUCK!!

[Blue Tetramino and Broken Bone duck down, and blindly fire a ball. It just misses Soap.]

Soap: Woah! I was nearly out again!

Fire Exity: Let’s supply them with more balls!

-1: Hah. I have an idea.

[-1 dodges 2 balls, and runs into Snowball and Lightbulb’s base. He steals some of their balls and makes a run for it.]

-1: Haha!

Lightbulb: What the fandangos? Is that allowed?

Snowball: QUESTION BOX! -1 stole our ammo!

Question Box: That’s perfectly allowed.

Pea: Luckily, I won’t get hit since I’m small.

Lightbulb: That’s bringing irony your way, y’know!

Pea: Oh, Yeah.

Lightbulb: Well, RUN!

Snowball: People are going down! [he fires a ball, and it hits -1.]

-1: NO-NESS!

[the scene cuts to Question Box, sitting outside of the arena, when ! Block comes.]

Question Box: ! Block? What are you doing here?

! Block: Oh, I just came to say that your show seems average.

Question Box: Come on! It’s better than that!

! Block: I’ve watched it, and I haven’t voted, because that would annoy the viewers.

Question Box: Yeah. I’ve seen that.

! Block: Whatever! If you want to improve the show, you need a good co-host like me!

Question Box: You, want to co-host?

! Block: Yeah! Then your show can rise above average.

Question Box: Stop calling my show average!

! Block: Whatever! So, can I be a co-host?

Question Box: Absolutely.

[the camera pans to the contestants fighting still.]

Candy Corn: Broken Bone! Ya need more ammo?

Broken Bone: No, we have a good amount. But still, give us some!

Candy Corn: Okay! [she dodges a ball, but gets scared] Eek-a-boing-sizzle!

Broken Bone: Um, okay?

Blue Tetramino: Oh my gosh, Candy Corn! You’re so weird!

Candy Corn: Hmph. Nobody asked you.

Balloony: Now’s not the time for roasting! They have their game on!

Snowball: Time to die! [he shoots a bullet, that goes through Donut’s Hole, bounces off of the place that The Imaginators are firing, and into Green Face’s hand. They all stop.]

Green Face: Question Box!! I just caught a ball that was in mid-air. What does that mean?

Question Box: [enters] it means the firer is out.

Snowball: What? COME ON!!

Question Box: Too bad.

[Snowball leaves the area he was firing at.]

Lightbulb: Who else will fire now?

Fire Exity: I will.

Question Box: No, you won’t.

Fire Exity: Oh, man!

Question Box: Also, we have a new co-host! I’ll show you after the challenge.

Lightbulb: Resume fight! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! [he shoots a ball, and Balloony is hit]

Balloony: Ah, no! [he dies]

Spikey Ruler: Come on, Guys! We can do this!

Green Face: Yeah! We won last time!

Broken Bone: Only because of me.

Spikey Ruler: Well, we need to work as a team!

Blue Tetramino: Hey Broken Bone, you go for Marker, and I’ll try and get take out Pea!

Broken Bone: Okay then. [he fires a ball, and it misses.]

Blue Tetramino: Come here, Pea! A ball that’s bigger than you!

Pea: Eek! This is so scary! [she runs away, but trips and falls]

Blue Tetramino: Time to die! [he shoots a ball, and Pea dies]

Broken Bone: Nice work, dude!

Blue Tetramino: Thanks!

Spikey Ruler: Tetramino! That’s not like you.

Blue Tetramino: Oh Whatever! I’m taking down those chumps.

Soap: Hey! Don’t shoot me! I’m just supplying ammo for my team! [she picks up a ball, and throws it. It doesn’t get far.]

Fire Exity: What are you doing? You’ll become a target!

Soap: Oh no. GAHHHH! [she runs away, and jumps over a ball, but then stumbles into another]

Fire Exity: No! Guess I have to do this myself. [she runs and dodges all of the balls coming her way, and jumps into the place where Snowball is. She starts firing]

Lightbulb: What are you doing?

Fire Exity: Saving the team.

Question Box: [enters] Sorry, you are not saving the team. I already told you not to do that. In fact, instead of saving the team, you have just doomed the team.

Cherries (1): Doomed?

Cherries (2): How?

Question Box: Well, because of your acts, you have disqualified your team. What a shame.

Lightbulb: FIRE EXITY!

Fire Exity: S-sorry, g-guys...


Marker: Yeah! Go make your own team!

Question Box: She can do that, actually. She just can’t do it now, otherwise she’ll escape an elimination she just caused. Well then, we have our losers! I might as well get CFOS Is Good Sign to recover the dead contestants.

CFOS Is Good Sign: Someone say my name?

Question Box: Yeah, can you recover the dead contestants?

CFOS Is Good Sign: Sure! [he recovers everyone]

Suitcase: Phew.

Soap: Did we win?

Broken Bone: No. Fire Exity made your team get disqualified.

Soap: What!?

Blue Tetramino: Yeah. The idiot tried to take Snowball’s place when he was dead, even though she was told not to, and then she lost it for her team for cheating!

Fire Exity: What a load of rubbish! We won!

Marker: No, we lost.

Soap: You seriously did that, Fire Exity?

Fire Exity: Please! I can explain!


[the screen turns blue, and a flash appears, with Fire Exity looking upset, with tears in her eyes]

Fire Exity: Why? [she runs away, in tears]

Lightbulb: I don’t blame you. I would’ve done the same.

Soap: Yeah. Screw her.

Question Box: Anyways, you guys, meet ! Block!

! Block: Hey, Guys! I’m the new co-host!

Pen: Hello, ! Block! You look like Question Box.

-1: I was like, gonna say that!

! Block: Well, I’m his older brother.

Candy Corn: Well, I’m g-glad we have a co-host!

! Block: I’m glad to meet all of you!

Question Box: And I suppose the viewers are glad that now they can vote on who in The Cool Crew should be eliminated!


  • Cherries: [A]
  • Pea: [B]
  • Glovey: [C]
  • Marker: [D]
  • Lightbulb: [E]
  • Suitcase: [F]
  • Fire Exity: [G]
  • Soap: [H]
  • Snowball: [I]


Fire Exity: [sigh] I’m a loser.

Suitcase: Hey, Fire Exity.

Fire Exity: Hello.

Suitcase: I know you just wanted to help. And hey - if you’re going to make your own team, I’ll join.

Fire Exity: Hmm, Good to know. Thanks for supporting me.

Suitcase: No problem!

[Soap looks to them in the distance]


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