The Liquid’s Loaded is the first episode of ButterBlaziken230’s show, Clash For Object Supremacy. The episode is finished.


[The Episode begins with Question Box sitting, thinking]

Pea: Hey, Question Box! What’s up?

Question Box: Actually, I had the idea of starting a show. You in?

Pea: Yeah!

Question Box: Good. I need you to get others into the show!

Pea: I can do that, I guess.

[Pea runs away, and notices Pen, Snowball and Suitcase talking]

Pen: Yeah, it would be cool to be on another show!

Pea: Well do I have news for you!

Snowball: Pea. What the flake.

Pea: Question Box is starting a show! Follow me!

[Pen, Snowball And Suitcase follow Pea]

Question Box: Ah! I see you’ve gathered more people!

Pea: Yep! I feel so brave.

Snowball: Ya’ shouldn’t.

Suitcase: Anyways, what are we battling for?

Question Box: Once we have 20 contestants, I’ll explain.

Pen: Let’s get more people!

[The 4 go and attract more contestants]


-1: A show? How cool!

Candy Corn: I’ll join.

Xbox Logo: Me too, I suppose. If I don’t, I’ll be an outcast.

Broken Bone: What even is the prize?

Pen: He said that once he has enough people, he’ll tell you.

Broken Bone: Not joining, then.

Pen: [gets close to Broken Bone’s face] it could be infinite money...

Broken Bone: Fine, fine! I’m in!

[The 4 advertisers get the 4 new contestants to advertise]


[a card flies into the screen saying “Once 12 contestants had joined...”]

Soap: Oh my! A new show! A new opportunity to win!

Fire Exity: I’ve actually never been in an Object show before.

-1: Me neither!

Knife: Trust me, it’s stupid.

Lightbulb: Nah, nah! It’s really fun!

Fire Exity: I’m trusting Lightbulb. I want to think about shows in a positive mindset!

Question Box: So, I’ve recruited you all here today to join Clash For Object Supremacy!

Donut: Yeah! Woohoo!

[everyone looks at him]

Donut: ...what?

Question Box: Thanks for the enthusiasm, Donut.

Donut: Don’t mention it.

[everyone looks at him again]

Donut: ....What this time?

Question Box: Anyways, Clash For Object Supremacy is, well, a battle of all you 20, striving to win Godlike Powers!

[all the contestants gossip about how cool the prize is]

Cherries (1): So, how do we win it?

Cherries (2): Where do we begin?

Question Box: For this show, we need two teams that’ll be decided by team captains. If you want to be a team captain, you must audition.

Spikey Ruler: I know I will!

Lightbulb: Well, you’ll have some competition, heh heh.

Glovey: Yep. Some competition, tee-hee.

Lightbulb: Wait, you’re going for it, too?

Glovey: Yep! The viewers’ll love me. That’ll be my first step from square one to win the season! Haha!

Spikey Ruler: Genius idea, I guess.

Question Box: If you want to audition for team captain, follow me!

[Cherries, Spikey Ruler, Lightbulb And Glovey follow Question Box]

Question Box: Lightbulb, you’re up first.

Lightbulb: Well, I know that if I’m a team captain, I can paint a path of hope for my team if we’re losing! I’ll cheer them up! If they have a problem, they can talk to me!

Question Box: Good job. Now for you, Glovey.

Glovey: Just like Lightbulb, I believe that if I become a team captain, then I will be a good role model. If my team fails in a challenge, I can pull in a last minute victory!

Question Box: Good work. Onto you, Spikey Ruler.

Spikey Ruler: I feel like if I become a team captain, I can create innovative ways to win challenges that the other team won’t comprehend! My teammates will follow in my footsteps, and I will develop a strong team!

Question Box: Nice. Last but not least, Cherries!

Cherries (1): Basically, if we become the team captains, we’ll be able to do more than the other teams, as two heads are better than one!

Cherries (2): The thought of us working together and overcoming hurdles in challenges could inspire teamwork!

Question Box: Fantastic. Everyone, vote for who you want to become a team captain. The two people with the most votes become team captains.

[another card slides onto the screen saying “16 votes later...”]

Question Box: Okay, we have the votes!

Snowball: Spikey Ruler better get it. The others won’t get anywhere!

Question Box: The person with the lowest votes is Glovey. Sorry, you only got 3 votes.

Glovey: What? No! I wanted to be a team captain so bad!

Spikey Ruler: Phew.

Lightbulb: Don’t worry. You did a pretty good speech, so you have a chance.

Question Box: The other person who won’t become a team captain is...

Balloony: So tense...

Pen: I know...

Broken Bone: If you stop talking, we’ll know.

Pen: Oh, Okay.

Question Box: Actually, there’s a tie. Lightbulb got 4 votes. But Spikey Ruler also got 4 votes, meaning we need a tie-breaker. Let’s settle it with Rock Paper Scissors!

[Spikey Ruler and Lightbulb play Rock Paper Scissors. Lightbulb uses scissors but Spikey Ruler uses rock.]

Lightbulb: No! Why?

Snowball: Yes! Spikey Ruler is a team captain!

Glovey: She got to be a team captain but not me?

Xbox Logo: Glovey, we all heard your plan about using your placement to gain popularity.

Glovey: [gets nervous] W-What are you talking about?..

Suitcase: You did, Glovey.

Green Face: Seriously! Glovey, you’ll get eliminated off first.

Suitcase: Woah! Green Face! Didn’t notice ya there.

Green Face: Well, Hello! Now that the team captains are decided, I hope I’m one of the first picked.

Suitcase: Y’know, you would’ve made a good team captain.

Green Face: You think?

Suitcase: Totally.

Question Box: So, Spikey Ruler and Cherries are the team captains. This means we can pick the teams!

Spikey Ruler: Can I pick first?

Question Box: Sure.

Spikey Ruler: Oh, such a decision. Well, I’m going to pick Pen.

Pen: Yay! Thanks.

Cherries (1): Well, we have to pick now.

Cherries (2):Let’s pick Pea.

Pea: Oh man, I was so scared that nobody would pick me. I’m so small!

Cherries (1): Don’t worry - we won’t hurt you or anything!

Spikey Ruler: Hmm, Who now?

Blue Tetramino: Hey, can you pick me?

Spikey Ruler: I’ll pick -1.

Blue Tetramino: What the heck? Suuuuuuuure.

Spikey Ruler: Blue Tetramino, What do you want now?

Blue Tetramino: For you to listen to me, duuuuh.

Spikey Ruler: Just Stop.

Cherries (1): Sheesh, not picking him!

Cherries (2): Glovey seems fine!

Glovey: Oh I am, alright. Haha.

Spikey Ruler: I’m not going to pick you, Blue Tetramino.

Blue Tetramino: But why?

Spikey Ruler: Because you’re being rude. So I’ll pick someone who isn’t rude - Green Face!

Green Face: Oh mah gosh! What an honour!

Spikey Ruler: The way you work hard could go hand-in-hand with my creativity!

Green Face: Oh yea! You’re so right!

Cherries (2): Hmmm...

Cherries (1): Let’s have Marker on our team!

Marker: Yahoo! Sure I have to be on a team with a phony,

Glovey: Shut it.

Marker: But I got picked!

Spikey Ruler: On my team, I’ll have Broken Bone.

Broken Bone: What’s the point of these teams?

Pen: Trust me, Bone Guy. It’ll be fun.

Broken Bone: Oh really?

Pen: Yeah. Sometimes things can be confusing, but it’s just so it’s not so simple to win that prize!

Cherries (2): Hey, should we pick Knife?

Cherries (1): I don’t see why not!

Knife: Yeah! Hey Glovey, you don’t seem like a mean dude.

Glovey: Well, thank you. The others have had their doubts, but really, I’m a chill guy.

Spikey Ruler: After this trouble, I’ll just pick Blue Tetramino.

Blue Tetramino: Finally! You needed someone as good as me.

Spikey Ruler: Finally? Be grateful!

Blue Tetramino: What are you taking about, you clumsy hazard?

[They pull an angry face and the camera zooms in on it, with a dark effect and dramatic chords, similar to the “Lollipoop effect” used in BFB 8]

Cherries (1): Hey, should we pick Pea?

Cherries (2): We already did.

Pea: Yeah! I was scared!

Knife: You’re always scared, you little pipsqueak.

Pea: Eek! Don’t hurt me!

Cherries (2): Let’s just pick Lightbulb!

Lightbulb: Oh Yeah, double power! [high fives them both]

Spikey Ruler: I’m going to pick Candy Corn. She seems like she’d be a good teammate!

Candy Corn: WAHAA BEEP BEE- I mean, why thank you for saying that! You shouldn’t have... heh heh.

[Everyone on Spikey Ruler’s team pulls a face in agony]

Candy Corn: Oh, by the way, that’s some strange medical condition. [she sits down and turns away] why did I let them know? They shouldn’t know my crazy side...

Cherries (1): that was random.

Cherries (2): Let’s have Suitcase!

Suitcase: Oh Yay!

Marker: Oh, hello!

Knife: Marker. Don’t look at her in a positive light. She’s just an obstacle in your way to getting those sweet sweet powers!

Marker: Um, okay?


Marker: Oh god! She really is an obstacle!

Suitcase: Knife! What was that for?

Knife: Doing what’s right.

Suitcase: That’s not right!


Glovey: Listen to the man with the sharp edges.

Spikey Ruler: Um, I’m a girl? However, for my next team-mate, I’m choosing Xbox Logo!

Xbox Logo: Hmph. Hooray, I guess.

Blue Tetramino: Thanks for the enthusiasm, boi.

Xbox Logo: ...

Blue Tetramino: Oh? Trying to be a silent Type now? You just spoke!

Cherries (1): Well, our choices are slimmer than before?

Cherries (2): Should we pick Snowball?

Snowball: Yes! Please!

Cherries (1): Go for it, I suppose.

Snowball: I suppose!? Give me a break!

Cherries (2): Look, you’re on our team now, whether you like or not.

Soap: Balloony! I’m so scared..

Balloony: Why?

Soap: Well, Spikey Ruler or the Cherries haven’t picked me yet!

Balloony: Me neither.

Spikey Ruler: Hey, Balloony! Come be on our team!

Balloony: No way! Thank you!

Soap: sigh. No one wants me on their team.

Cherries (1): You’ll get picked eventually.

Cherries (2): By us!

Cherries (1): Hey! You spoiled the surprise!

Cherries (2): Oh, whoops. You were gonna say that Spikey Ruler just doesn’t want her,

Spikey Ruler: Um, hello?

Cherries (1): Whatever! You get the point, Soap. You’re on our team!

Soap: Okay!

Question Box: Two people to be picked remain: Fire Exity and Donut.

Donut: Hey, Fire Exity! Why has nobody picked us?

Fire Exity: I don’t know! It makes me sad...

Spikey Ruler: Hey, Donut! Want to be on our team?

Donut: Actually, Yeah!

Fire Exity: So, nobody wants me? [starts to cry]

Question Box: Oh, man! Cherries, you’ve got Fire Exity.

Cherries (1): Okay!

Soap: I’m on a team with Fire Exity? This is a miracle!

Fire Exity: Soap? That’s not bad. Not everything has to be bad ‘round here!

Question Box: Now, Team Captains, come up with a name!

Spikey Ruler: We’ll he called “The Imaginators”!

Question Box: That is a nice name. Cherries, any ideas?

Cherries (1): Hey, should we be called “The Cool Crew”?

Cherries (2): That rolls off the tongue well! Let’s go with it.

Question Box: Okay, now we have our two teams with 10 people each and a name! Now we have that outta the way, it’s contest time!

Marker: Is it rock-paper-Scissors?

Question Box: No. [he clicks his fingers, and it starts to rain] The challenge is to collect as much water into a bowl in 5 minutes!

Spikey Ruler: Time for some imagination, team!

Green Face: Oh, I’m ready to build a contraption!

Question Box: Here are your team bowls. [he gives one wooden, oval shaped bowl to Spikey Ruler, and the same thing to the two Cherries] Go!

Pen: So, Spikey Ruler. What’s your plan?

Spikey Ruler: Well, I was thinking, and I don’t know!

Pen: Maybe we could build another bowl, and then tip it into our bowl!

Spikey Ruler: Good thinking.

Broken Bone: Should I go get some stuff to make the bowl? I want a purpose.

Spikey Ruler: You can do that! That’d be really useful.

[Broken Bone stumbles to a tree to get some sticks, when he sees a strange person in the distance. He shrugs it off and collects 10 sticks, and then returns to his team]

Broken Bone: I got ya some fresh sticks.

Green Face: I shall tie them together using grass. [he tries his hardest to create a bowl] I-i-it’s not working!

Cherries (1): Hey, what should we do?

Marker: I’m just gonna play Toss The Dirt.

Knife: So, you’re just gonna play a dumb game, and not help?

Marker: Yep! [he starts playing, and makes a tiny hole]

Fire Exity: Hey! We could make it bigger so more raindrops will go in! And then, we can scoop them into the bowl!

Soap: Wow! Good thinking!

Pea: Yeah, I wouldn’t have came up with that on my own. It’s just the raindrops are huge and they keep dropping on my head!

Knife: Do they hurt, little one? Heh.

Pea: Yes! Yes! Just please don’t hurt me...

[Marker makes the hole a bit larger, and it starts to fill]

Suitcase: Never would I have thought your game could lead to us winning!

Spikey Ruler: Green Face! You’re telling me your bowl isn’t forming?

Green Face: The grass just doesn’t work!

Spikey Ruler: We need another idea, Pen. This one was a failure.

Pen: Hey! Don’t be mean to me like that...

Candy Corn: Well, we could get some different sticks! I’ll volunteer to do that.

[Candy Corn runs to go and get more sticks]

Balloony: This challenge really isn’t going our way, wouldn’t you say so?

Xbox Logo: Things aren’t looking too clever.

Donut: Well, you can’t do anything to solve the problem!

Xbox Logo: Well, I can’t. I have no arms.

[Candy Corn returns with better sticks]

Candy Corn: Well, Xbox Logo, I am armless, and have just ran to that tree, picked up some sticks, and brung them back. Armless is NO EXCUSE!

Xbox Logo: SHUT UP!

Candy Corn: NO YOU!

Spikey Ruler: Okay, you two stay away. [she pushes the two apart] Hey Green Face, are the sticks working?

Green Face: They’re not much different.

Glovey: Hey Marker, how much water you got?

Marker: A lot! The bowl is about half full.

Snowball: That will likely be better than anything those other losers could do!

Knife: You can say that again!

Snowball: That will likely be better than any-

Knife: No, no.

-1: Hey guys! Look! Some string!

Donut: Let’s get it!

[-1, Donut and Spikey Ruler make a run for it, but get stopped by Blue Tetramino]

-1: Wha?

Spikey Ruler: What are you doing?

Blue Tetramino: You didn’t want me on your team. So I might as well stop you now, so our team loses and you get eliminated.

Spikey Ruler: That’s not true!

Question Box: Time’s up! [he looks at the bowls] Well, from the looks of things, The Cool Crew won!

Suitcase: Yeah!

Lightbulb: Woo! Yippee! Scadoofers!

Suitcase: “Scadoofers”?

Lightbulb: I came up with it on the spot.

Question Box: This means that it’s now up to the viewers to decide who on The Imaginators will be eliminated!


  • Spikey Ruler: [A]
  • Pen: [B]
  • Blue Tetramino: [C]
  • Broken Bone: [D]
  • Green Face: [E]
  • Xbox Logo: [F]
  • Donut: [G]
  • Balloony: [H]
  • Candy Corn: [I]


[Blue Tetramino is sitting alone, outside in the dark]

Blue Tetramino: So, I tried to look cool in front of the other contestants, and look where that’ll get me. Eliminated. Being a bully wasn’t right.

[he turns around]

Blue Tetramino: Hey, what is Question Box doing?

[the camera moves to Question Box, Who hums a tune as he draws something. He then chuckles quietly]

Blue Tetramino: Huh.

[The Episode ends]

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