! Block is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230, and he is Question Box’s older brother.


! Block looks like Question Box, but he has an exclamation mark instead of a question mark. He has arms and legs, and is also yellow.


! Block is relaxed and more extroverted than Question Box, and he has more friends. He is quite popular, but Question Box is always trying to steal his clout, but it never works. Because of ! Block’s popularity and how he seems more important, Question Box looks like a minority.


In Clash For Object Supremacy, ! Block volunteers to become a co-host, someone to assist Question Box with the show. When Question Box is sitting outside of the shooting arena in CFOS 3: Fire Away Your Fears, ! Block comes up to him and tells him that the show is average, and that if he was a co-host, then he would make things better. ! Block becomes a co-host, and helps in a variety of challenges.

However, in CFOS 8: Reel In A Win, he didn’t realise that all the other contestants had escaped from the main show area to avoid Unknowny. So, with nowhere to run, he gets killed.


  • When he is scared, he extends, so he is long.
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